All the idioms you need to be productive in while writing safe scripts.

i wouldn't say they're all there (the idioms), but this is yet another good article to review from time to time (and definitely to review when starting a new little automation project in #bash)! adding to my list of «reread» publications.

thanks, @jonn

@tivasyk thank you for kind words! Reading marketing books made me make this dubious claim. 🤣

But yeah, I agree. I would say that the blog post should've at least talked about -n "${i}p" to use files as arrays in a for loop.

I would say that using to extract data extremely important too.

What would you say should be added there too?

@jonn not sure if you really _need_ to add anything, i like the article as it is.

i think there can be no «complete» list of «must do's», since shell scripting is supposed to be a flexible tool fit for tasks ranging from very simple one-liners to more complex «stage zero» prototyping…

but here's another addition to my «review often» list that you could maybe like:

also, csv with bash could be useful:

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