IOHK has some of the best devops setups I've ever seen in big FOSS industrial projects.
I'm very proud to have pushed Nix and convinced that making a hammer before hitting the nails is a good idea.
Charles is a damn visionary for investing so much in the tools.
Fuck Ste^W the haters.

@jonn you can't say something like this without any links :3

@cloudfog there are too many contributions to list. We (and every haskell company who uses nix) use

The way they organise work is amazing too, you can look at virtually any PR to their main repos.

They also have an enormous system that can be reproducibly set up with

@jonn too out of context to evaluate devops bits but I did like some ideas about organizing PR process lifetime from a quick glimpse at some repos. For example, automated review checklist is pretty smart!

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