I *finally* got my second vaccine (11wks after the first one, as per guidelines).

I feel amazing and very happy. My stress levels are down. I'm glad that I *feel* it working -- joint discomfort on day 2 after and sli-i-i-i-ight chills.

What's funny is a pulsating feeling in the shoulder joint closer to the injection site.

Ah, I'm so fucking happy that I'll meet winter with a peak amount of antibodies!

Could work today, so my worries about not being able to focus and such were unwarranted...

Win win win

That's great news! But 11 weeks? Um... I did two rounds of vaccination (First Moderna, then Pfizer) and both times my second shot was about two weeks later. I think the Pfizer round was scheduled for three weeks later. As a Biochem major as an undergrad at UCSD 30 years ago, there just wasn't any question. But I am adamantly opposed to what the government is trying to and support all of those who come to a different conclusion based on whatev - their philosophy of liberty, their personal or religious beliefs, yet most of all, this flies in direct opposition to HIPA - No one can force you to disclose your personal health records. So I'm so perfectly happy to not be able to prove I've been vaccinated. I've resolved to never fly again if that's the cost of fighting for my individual freedom of choice where my medical decisions are concerned, and I pretty much never eat out anyway, because I'm a better cook than most overpriced restaurants that prepare dishes in plastic bags anyway. Not to mention that my guilty pleasure is along the lines of lengua tacos from a roach coach, and that'll be the day when they require vaxpasses for those lol. So yah, I'm not sure about the rest of the nation, but here in California not only are the shots free at any retail pharmacy, but there's no ID required, so the first guy who looked like that got the Moderna shots was named Joseph Stalin, and somehow a trans woman named Brittney Spears bearing a striking resemblance to me got the Pfizer a few months after that. The Brittney one... well that was tough, but I stood my ground and the lady at the pharmacy had to cow down to California law and take me at my word lol. That particularly tender shoulder socket area you mentioned, yeah I had it too, but both times it was only after the second shot in each of the regimens. I had a little more bruising at the injection site following the second Pfizer shot, and I guess those queue anon folks are right about some things, because magnets stick to my arm now (with a dab of crazy glue - pun intended) and I woke up the other morning with webbed feet (or that could just be toe jam, who knows?). In all seriousness, I did sleep off the achy period for a day or so with a bit of Motrin, but it was a great excuse to have a couple of cans of that Sodium benzoate laden Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. Yum Yum!

@tallship in the UK they won't even consider jabbing if there were less than 8 weeks between shots, not in my age group! Will read the rest in a bit.

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