An annual reminder that posting your public keys and their hashes in social networks removes plausible deniability. Same with signing E-Mails and messages.

@jonn I'm having a little difficulty parsing that, can you elaborate?

@groovestomp sure. Consider you write something like "Vladimir Putin is a dufus" in a mailing list. If you sign it with your key and your key can be linked to your actual identity, now the Russian law enforcement has no problem to book you for offending the feelings of the Putin fans and they'll have a way easier time proving that it indeed is you who posted it.

Whereas if you just post the same message, even using your main nickname or alias, you can claim "a coincidence".

This is not how it works in russia. Police will present a screenshot of your page from social network printed on paper in court, and court will have no doubts that this screenshot is a good enough proof that you posted it. You can keep silent, it does not matter.

Virtually nobody signs their messages in social networks, yet a lot of people are persecuted for the contents of their social network pages.


@wire @groovestomp I was using a fictional Russia as an example. In States, as we know, cops are very pedantic about having airtight cases, so you can use the USA as an example where signing your messages in public channels decreases privacy at no real gain.

That said, thank you for providing the context of how things really are in RU. It's sad... Kinda like arresting people for political anecdotes in 30s-50s.

@jonn @wire Ah, yes I totally get it. Thanks for the clarifying examples.

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