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@mr_oova I don't think pokete listens to ygg yet. I don't have time to check. It would be cool to have PvP though )

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I am alive today because I always wear a high quality full face helmet.

Never go cheap on safety gear.

You can't predict everything.

inductive Maybe (R: Type u) where
| just (ok: R)
| nothing

inductive Surely (L: Type u) where
| ok
| error (err: L)

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If `Maybe a` is `Just a` or `Nothing`, then Erlang's `ok` or `{error, Reason}` should be called `Surely`.

I was searching for a way to make work with `direnv` again, but found an amazing project ran by a Ukrainian haskeller.

@kirill omg, я почему-то предположил что вы из РФ (наверное из-за @rf). Вы красавцы, мы—латыши—донатим ЗСУ и е*ашим по целям из UASHIELD! Сил вам и скорейшей победы!

О себе и проектах микроподкаст 

When `nix shell` fails, `stack init && stack build` ☠️

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Can this toot get more boost than favorites? :flan_laugh:

The only way to know is to make it real! :flan_racer:

Choose your side :flan_fox: :flan_fox:

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I’ve got my self-hosted Mastodon instance 😗

Hello, @EU_Commission ! The longer member states wait on helping Ukraine decisively, the less food member states will have. The indecision of member states will cause starvation in Europe and beyond.

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I’m pondering having my own instance of Peertube and Pixelfed too ☺️. It’s so cool to own the content that I generate on the internet.

@lanodan @doot @z428 what is dead may never die. Or something. I hang out on libera and undernet :3

@EU_Commission (it's not like I'm against it, just we need to give BBC the opportunity to reach Russians)

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