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URI implementation: one of the few reasons why you might want to have optional values.

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Let's make a colour together! <3


Joe Armstrong advocated usage of file system to persist key-value mappings, and databases to store data that we need aggregate queries over.

I feel like for file storage is straight up sufficient, but I'm too afraid to not use with , because I'll be laughed at or something.

Eco-aware motorsport fans MUST watch

and tell your friends. Spec cars, legendary drivers.

Initiatives like these are bringing a little bit of hope.

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If you're wondering: yes, I do find it hilarious that the first Idris 2 paper will appear in a (formerly) OO conference, and that I got the notification on April Fools Day.

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everything about stripe oozes with competence. it's refreshing. probably the best API and documentation I've ever interacted with.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -xeuo pipefail

find . -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 1 -type d | grep -e '\/.*\/.*' | cut -d\. -f2 | cut -d\/ -f2- | tee -a .rsyncignore
cat .rsyncignore | sort | uniq | tee
mv -v .rsyncignore

ssh -NCL 9969:localhost:22 &
sleep 2

rsync --exclude-from=.rsyncignore -Pave 'ssh -p 9969' "localhost:/mnt/e/*" .

Tunnel to :

ssh -N -vvv -C -L 9999:localhost:3389

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Awww yissss!

Sourcehut now provides #gemini hosting: gemini://

Of course, libsodium23 is the name of the package containing libsodium 1.0.18.

Why wouldn't it be.

Sometimes I miss and .

I used to overengineer, now I overpolish.

Should learn how to stop at "good enough".

Wrote a post about parser combinators together with @pola!

Give it a read and tell us what you think.

Holy shit am I productive with and .

is for thinking and making sure that you're building the right it, is for doing and making sure you're building it right.

Welcome , y'all, your friendly hardener for our / implementation called .

Hot take: calling protocols like CHAP "authentication" protocols just because they prevent MITM (frontrunning) and replays, is misleading and yields a ton of vulnerable software.

People at best think of authentication as something to do with identity, not as of a way to validate integrity of an API request.

I'm currently making a CHAP-inspired implementation, and I think, I'm managing to document it well enough without claiming that it's an "authentication" solution.

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"what is spin?"

physicists: "imagine a ball spinning except it's not a ball and it's not spinning"

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Everybody posts about their quest for Inbox 0; no one posting about the equally-Sisyphean Kitchen Sink 0.

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