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how to

sudo apt install npm
export N_PREFIX=~/.local
npx n latest

Make sure to add ~/.local/bin/ to your PATH, and you're good to go! No sudo needed. 🙇

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@jonn Pretty tricky to strike the balance. Sometimes convenient things break other workflows in very annoying ways. I'd rather stay away from implementing stuff the leads to such effects.

Bi-yearly reminder that Soundchaser by Rage is the best metal album ever made. It's conceptual, has a very powerful start and no filler.

One of the worst feelings -- come to the computer in the morning to continue yesterday's debugging session. Normally I push till I fix, but yesterday it was just too much.

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#Dune new trailer looks gorgeous. I have always been skeptical if bringing this masterpiece to cinema is even possible, but Villeneuve seems to keep delivering.

With the tech I have developed with , I figured, it would make sense to build something like a FOSS that is geared towards geeks, with a cup-of-coffe-per-month hosting.

What key features would you like to see in such a product?

Boosts are welcome.

If you have any ideas about some tech that people need *and* is ethically monetisable -- share your ideas.

IOHK has some of the best devops setups I've ever seen in big FOSS industrial projects.
I'm very proud to have pushed Nix and convinced that making a hammer before hitting the nails is a good idea.
Charles is a damn visionary for investing so much in the tools.
Fuck Ste^W the haters.

Also, let's remember that Taka was third on Friday until the unfortunate jump.

I think he wasn't just saying "I'm learning" for all these years...

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#WRCEstonia results #WRC 

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This is a long but interesting read. TL;DR: the group that makes the very standards on which the internet is based is being filled with people and orgs who don’t care about your privacy.

I thought I went crazy.
Needles to say, I missed this bit of news from January and have missed a couple first laps.

So frustrated, absolutely no idea how to write algos in Rust, behind startup work, fuck everything!

For the next seven days, you can join “Intermediate Competitive but Friendly Programming Club” with this link:

We plan to host an ICFPC practice event some time in Q1 2022 using some great task of the past.

cc @minoru

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