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Elixir language server doesn't work after updating to the latest Elixir. Gonna reboot and hope for the best.

@groovestomp alternative is to start our own tarmac community tbh, make a landing, a discord server, post on /r/simracing and hope?..

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war, propaganda, long 

@groovestomp tried some community I found, but it seems to be full of nerds.

I think that the only way to do beginner level simracing is iRacing. So frustrating.

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I'm not that radical. I'm just serious when I say people and nature should be more important than satisfying megalomaniacs.

New video where I showcase , an amazing tool for digital archeology.

It's slow-paced, but I show what I'm doing, and how I'm working around slight bugs of the tool.

I also put it to a practical use while working on , one of many. Enjoy!

After some lurking, I found a third-party SMTP backend for that thing. It seems to adapt gen_smtp to a more hip library. I hope it's worth it and I won't waste a bunch of time to then fall back to the low-level.

Just to be clear, I'm so frustrated not because someone wrote a nice multiadapter library, I'm upset that when you duckduckgo or even google "how to send E-Mail with Elixir", you get this as the first result.

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I'm fucking screaming. This is how we send mail in 2022 as a society.

Just imagine having that awesome distributed protocol that matured for decades to be replaced by three mainstream companies.

I have no words lol.

Julien Palmer or what's his face, is such a right-wing fuck. I would like to bring the old commentators to .

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Drew a Becekew Warbler.
Within the Becekew forest, we find the B, C, K, and W birds. The first bird that we observe is the Warbler, which repeats the second word. This bird's song is similar to the Mockingbird, which repeats the first word.


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i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

Plucking Assertions out of for ultimate programming experience with library.

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mh psa, self worth 

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Ukraine: hello, can you please stop financing the people killing us?

EU: we might have to put on a thicker sweater if we did that so I’m afraid that’s a no.

Stop buying Russian fossil fuels!

Our comfort is not more important than Ukrainian lives.

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