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I’ve got my self-hosted Mastodon instance 😗

Hello, @EU_Commission ! The longer member states wait on helping Ukraine decisively, the less food member states will have. The indecision of member states will cause starvation in Europe and beyond.

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I’m pondering having my own instance of Peertube and Pixelfed too ☺️. It’s so cool to own the content that I generate on the internet.

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N🚫 Tobacco Day.

Tobacco consumption is the leading cause of preventable cancer, with 27% of all cancers attributed to tobacco use.

With #EUCancerPlan, we want to create a Tobacco-Free Generation in which less than 5% of the population uses tobacco by 2040.


Some bits about design is... Interesting.

`String.t() = binary()` is so bad. False sense of security. Could as well suggest people to annotate "Strings" in the documentaiton!

queries in

Gonna know that schema to make those queries, y'all.

> The first part, the match pattern, must be a tuple that will match the structure of the the data stored in the registry, which is {key, pid, value}. The atom :_ can be used to ignore a given value or tuple element, while the atom :"$1" can be used to temporarily assign part of pattern to a variable for a subsequent comparison. This can be combined like {:"$1", :_, :_}.

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VCs recommend cost cutting and layoffs? We're independent and 100% funded by our subscribers so we don't care what VCs say.

Earlier this year we hired Cenk to improve our infrastructure. Now we're looking for the fifth team member to help us improve the product.

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hacking on #elixir is really fun! i got a little sidetracked trying to figure out how to pack an otp application into an appimage, but i'm having a lot of fun reading the source for spaceboy and i'm starting to consider rewriting my rc apps and replacing molly-brown with my own framed gemini server. i want to make some bigger changes to spaceboy (titan support for one) so i might end up vendoring the thing or going off on my own adventure for a while.

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Particle trails!
Painting these is a labour of love for me. It's really soothing. I'll be painting some new ones in the coming weeks if anyone would like to get their hands on an original #sciart

is good, but not for the reasons you think it is.

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I have extra Steam codes for:
- NASCAR Heat 5
- Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition
- rFactor 2

I will gladly give these away if you are interested.
I can do a gift link or send to your email. Just DM me.

#gaming #simracing #giveaway

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I just tried iRacing.
I've now tried (in no order):
- Assetto Corsa
- Assetto Corsa Competizione
- Race 07
- GTR 2
- Automobilista
- Automobilista 2
- rFactor
- rFactor 2
- iRacing
- RaceRoom Racing Experience

In my opinion, rFactor 2 stands clearly above the rest in terms of feel. It's not even close.


child_spec became way more ergonomic in Elixir v1.6.0, released in late December 2017 / early January 2018.

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my partner gave me her old chromebook to put linux on and its least power consuming laptop I've ever played with!

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