Show more Leza is a Korean RBR super-star! Very good driving and very cool codriver.

I'm unironically listening to the final three Gentle Giant albums.

Still better than 99% of Yes, Rush, Can and all other prog-garbage like this lol.

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Added something to Nasu that we've been needing for quite a while, the option to read and write 1bpp graphics.

"Why do we even bother running the clock, we know he'll win". Martins is delivering!

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Flying Latvian is flying! <3
The guy won every stage over the three days so far, wtf. Even for a home rally it's spectacular.

Idk why I'm surprised that Sesks has a Latvian-speaking co-driver. For some reason I thought it's gonna be English.

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This person has reviewed everything from rock&roll to rock to some staples of prog. Titanic work!

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Just popping in to say: Exciting life news! Today is my last day of work as a postdoc... because as of next week I become senior staff! (i.e. a permanent position!) 🪐🔭

More exciting news is that my husband has a position in the area lined up after finishing his residency - so only one more year of long-distance! 🥰 hmm, people say bearings don't matter, but they kinda do, ish? At least I can feel being faster on fresh bearings, tempted to try Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings 🤔 that's absolutely amazing. I was never huge on the motorised anything (for instance, motorised bicycles are just too heavy to be practical for short under 20km trips), but I'll be eagerly following ATMOS GEAR progress.

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