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Today again a russian missile hit a civilian house. And so every day... More weapons, more sanctions, recognition of russia as a terrorist state, trial - this is what can stop this terror.


Some guy running a failed retro computing shop where he makes old computers out of new hardware, claims sustainability of retrocomputing. Gets a huge amount of RTs and a thread.

FSF running a workshop on actual sustainability in computing... 🦗

Living in Cologne or nearby? Join tomorrow a Upcycling Android workshop!
📅23 March
⏰ 18h - 20h
📍Stadtbibliothek Köln
Organized by @gewnrw

#SoftwareFreedom #DeviceNeutrality #FreeSoftware

@jonn i know i ran ja2 with stracciatella... 12 years ago, natively on #linux without wine!

come on, give it a try ;-)

@jonn i mostly find modern games (the ones i can play on #linux ∧ the ones i care to try) boring compared to #cataclysmdda & #dwarffortress...

but i'd higly recommend «hard west» (the collerctor's edition is 3,49$)

and i might give a try to «mainframe defenders» (0,69$ right now).

p.s. filtered, sorted:

Born in the Fuck Around century.
Living in the Find Out century :BlobCat_Fearful:.

@hydroponictrash @rudi yeah, I found that low-power laptops are perfect label printer servers for warehouses (staff can connect them to wifi themselves and they'll call home with a reverse ssh tunnel, I can even use the webcam to see the results!)

Considered buying a stack of Samsung Exynos chromebooks for €50, since I already had one running ArchLinuxARM and it's almost operational. Then I accidentally installed a new kernel on it while experimenting and now it's bricked.

So yeah I got them an HP Stream.

After some time I’ve found a way to upcycle Chromebooks to run the latest version of Ubuntu and boot to an external USB drive while maintaining the ChromeOS. The WiFi chips in these models also can create their own wifi networks so they can be short range routers.
What does this actually mean? Instead of requiring new hardware like a raspberry pi, we can take old Chromebooks that schools get rid of in the thousands and actually reuse them to create portable micro servers. Pack them full of offline books, maps, wikis, etc.
There is a major upside compared to using an old Chromebook over a raspberry pi, mainly that it's actually cheaper and can be free depending on how you source your chromebooks. I got 10 at $30 each which is cheaper than a pi or a pi alternative.

The battery life is also insane. I used it for close to 12 hours and it didn't even hit 50% battery loss. They also take very little time to charge so I'm interested to see how much power they might take up while attached to the off grid solar array.

So the plan is to make the docs and work some more on making these into portable offgrid information stations and packing them with info.
#solarpunk #permacomputing

I can't decide on colors here - blue or pink? 😊

Spring is everywhere - and I want to show it in this print - warm and cosy days, calm and peace. 🌿

#illustration #lino #printmaking #linoprinting

The IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report released today. Here are the key takeaways and figures.

First, climate change has already caused widespread and substantial losses to almost every aspect of human life on this planet, and the impacts on future generations depend on the choices we make NOW.

So given this dire news, surely we are well on our way to cutting our carbon emissions, no?


The synthesis report is crystal clear: we are not doing nearly enough to avoid dangerous impacts, let alone achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement.

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Here's an idea: scrape fandom wikis and turn those into a good-UX wikis.

I keep giving too much benefit of the doubt. This guy is a vatnik, confirmed.

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