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Yo. I think you can have two different comma placements, depending on whether it is a large [golden grandma's teapot] or large, golden [grandma's teapot], e.g., whether large modifies grandma's teapot or golden grandma's teapot as a compound.

In this particular case, you might imagine a collection of golden grandma's teapots, one of which is large-sized, or a collection of grandma's teapots, one of which happens to be large and golden. A good rule that I saw is if you can put "and" in there, you can use a comma.

There is no comma elision rule for independent adjectives AFAIK, if the adjectives are independent (e.g. independently modify one noun), it is exactly the spot where you use a comma.

@jonn Is there anything in specific you want to know about? There certainly looks to be a growing market for these kind of things and statements, the message has big dick energy, the logo is fucking awesome. If you make a cool product, make your message clear(er), and build a decently sized newsletter, something good could happen. 👌

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