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#Zelensky asks parliament to sanction Iran for 50 years

The draft includes a complete ban on trade with Iran, investments, and transferring technologies, as well as stopping Iranian transit across the Ukrainian territory, and preventing the withdrawal of Iranian assets from #Ukraine

#Iran has supplied russia with military hardware including the Shahed loitering munition that russia has launched at Ukraine by the hundreds

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#SlavaUkraine #StandWithUkraine

The first medal for us in our history, right?

Feels surreally happy, even if not gold.

@jonn I sat in K6 for qualifying in 2019.

I loved the atmosphere coming from the people partying on the boats.

It's also a great spot to see the cars really pushing into Tabac on the final runs of Q3.

I am about to launch the last building session before completing my micro-datacenter and racking everything ! Super excited.

"As soon as people are forced to compete, they have to look after their own interests and so self interest comes to dominate in a DP1 [autocratic/ bureaucratic] structure. All the team-building in the world cannot change this dynamic.” Merrelyn Emery

@trondhjort #NewCrafts

I deserve better than this opaque, institutional bickerings from a mature, open-source programming language.

The Pasture | I Am No Longer Speaking at RustConf 2023 |

Final tip! For qualifying, sector may actually be the best because it's the only grand stand sector I'm aware of that is in shadow.

I had an absolute blast.

That was a heck of a birthday present.

As I'm going to sleep, I'm thinking about all the male friends who, for the time being, can't experience such moments in life.

Please donate to to end the war with the victory of good over evil.

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Favorite part of the races in were safety car restarts. The qualy was a banger except for the bit where spoiled the fun for everyone. So many unexpected interim results! 's provisional pole was something.

engines are loud as fuck, both and pale in comparison. Which is great, I wouldn't want to sit through a full length race of that noise.

cars are huge. I wonder if they can make smaller hybrid cars since these sizes certainly require different circuits.

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Organization is really stellar. It's really impressive how streets of a town seamlessly transform into a sports venue.

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Based on intermediate results of , we will have a predictable fight between and for pole. I hope that the crowd will root for the right driver 🙂

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"I regret the word 'object'. It gets many people to focus on the lesser idea. The real issue is messaging." — Alan Kay in an interview with Peter Seibel for Dr. Dobb's Journal in 1997


race was really cool. I was rooting for #15 and missed the overtake for 4th.

In general, the race was rather eventful. Absolute nerd chills. Gonna pop in to look at the cars during and wait in an air conned room for the race.

I like K3 sector! Would rather watch the chicane but it is what it is.

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@MaryPot @EugeneMcParland Good Hint, I will buy no llonger:

Häagen Dazs
Kit Kat
Lions Cereals
Quality Street

Ben & Jerrys

#lebensmittel #essen #ukraine #russland #krieg #propaganda #kriegsverbrecher #kapitalismus #ernährung #einzelhandel

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