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All the idioms you need to be productive in while writing safe scripts.

Here's how you run an investigation! A supporting content from Feb 6.

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Urgh. Enough writing and rewriting. It's off my chest now and maybe I can stop thinking about it.

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A lot of us have a month's worth of exploration in notebooks and blogs thanks to #dungeon23. How about we start running our settings for each other?

Like, I tell you when, and how long I'm plan to run an online game. You bring an OSR-adjacent character (I'll use my own rules anyway), and we explore Stasis Island and beyond!

When someone runs their own dungeon, you can use the same character, continuity be damned.

I'm thinking #meta23 would be an easier hashtag than #FLAILSNAILS23.


A peculiar fireplace.

A explanation of the reason why is only one out of the three wide chimneys on the roof is tainted with the black smoke residue! The fireplace isn't as deep as one would think.

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@jonn @cblgh yeah they managed to scrape my origin server behind Cloudflare from IPv4 manually (there's no hostname pointed at it) and then attacked it directly. it took my site down for a few minutes until I added rules in AWS to block everything except Cloudflare's IPs.

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I didn’t really expect such a small change as ripping our Twitter link out of #LineaSketch and replacing it with our Mastodon to feel as good as it did but boy, did it. Lots more to go. 👍

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a long and beautifully introspective text that unfortunately entirely ignores the main, most obvious and prominent problem, distracted by interesting, complex details:

no problem in reading the #russian classics even despite all it's imperialistic load...

...if one already knows and understands it's own classics!

that's exactly the problem: #pushkin (as a symbol of the russian world) has always tried to _replace_ local cultures!

don't you see it, clever analysts?

In case you wonder how progress looks like. A war crime opener into war crimes, sprinkled with some more war crimes. They can't do proper house-to-house combat while taking towns, so they resort to this.

P.S. There's more than ethics and morals when it comes to waging a lawful war. There's also pragmatism. If and its people who are waging this war would want to retain the occupied territories and exploit them as conquerors would normally do, they would've waged a just war. The things they do is a clear indicator that they're interested in things *other than* the territory and *other than* exploitation of Ukraine. They are interested in PR. A soldier vanya is interested in r*ping and stealing, an officer borya is interested in not getting assaulted by zagradotryad kadyrovites, general tolik is interested in reporting "progress" and the people at the top are interested in showing their population that they are strong and capable. And this is important — their population: babushkas, village alcoholics and even moscovites and those living in the swamps of neva... Most of them are happy that someone finally got it worse than them. And that someone is so close, nearby! They listen to their pundits whenever their army makes "progress" and they are elated, ecstatic. We see that in the polls that actual independent journalists from inside russia publish on youtube. These are the real goals of the war. And today's video of russian war crimes from Maryinka illustrates it by showing army's modus operandi.

I keep being both ahead and behind of at the same time.

In the spirit of time traveling, here's the Feb 4th entry.

More -compatible goodies from the adventure we're making with .

If you don't buy @lootthebody's the moment you learn about its existence, you have no soul. <- PDF (because saving trees is cool and buying paper stuff without a necessity is not); <- supporting musical album which is really cool and on topic and awesome!

As a rollerblading enthusiast, eagerly waiting for the rollerblade supplement! 🤣

More consumables in support of my content!

The pamphlet reads:

> Do more with less: take sage Ksrakk's crystalline chocolate on an adventure with you!

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Wow, I didn't get ill after going to crowded places (while wearing a mask, of course) over winter holidays etc., but now I was basically chilling at home and got ill. I think I started washing hands less thoroughly and started touching my face again, and it makes all the difference.

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Stop idolizing Navalny. His rhetoric is undemocratic!🙏🏻 In 2014, Navalny said that if he became president of Russia, he would not return control of Crimea to #Ukraine. “The occupied peninsula is not a sandwich for it to be passed back and forth”, argued Navalny.

There are many issues with him.

Presenting some more in support of content, sort of.

Every paranoid wizard should have a potion of refocus in their bag!

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Feb 1st supporting is an (sorry, mom) spell "Liquid Manipulation".

It was way harder to come up with interesting semantics for it, but actually writing stuff for OSE is so much easier than for .

games, as opposed to games have wordiness in their DNA, and writing wordy texts is a breeze!

Also, don't worry, I remember that I owe January some content, I'll publish more backlog soon. If someone wants to run an session, feel free to reach out to me for all the rule cards in one place and in a hyperlinked format. It's rules-distributed (kinda rules light, but you can hand out the rules on demand to your players, making them the lawyers of some marginal mechanics they asked for to have fun), crunchy, tactical and ready to play.

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I'm still alive! I know everyone was super worried. At any rate here is my catch up sphere for the 9 days I've missed of #dungeon23 Behold the Daucus Proletariat Commune!

The seven rooms of this particular sphere! Two remaining neutral rooms, and a new sphere coming!

#dnd #dungeonsanddragons #troika #ttrpg #TTRPGs #beggarrpgs

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