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In the late 90s and early 00s, russia has threatened my country with a military intervention in case we continue our negotiations to join and .

I had nightmares about what is currently happening in , happening in my country. I was afraid, we were afraid. We no longer are.

Vorohiv na nozhi!

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The Police of Netherlands is showing how to deal with pro hamas demonstrators.
The state must show them that red lines and the rule of law are not negotiable.

#europe #israel #hamas #gaza

It's a bit funny how similar and humans are. First reaction (in presence of limited "brain-" power) is to start guessing. But when asked not to guess, it figures things out.

recorded a Windows 95 full disk defrag to soothe your timeline.

Damn, I think that perl8 dot com got sold? This was the easiest way I knew how to get to the official website of .


Everything they do reminds me of russia in Ukraine—refusing to believe it has a right to exist, constant barrages with no military targets, just destruction of people and the things that make up their lives. But most of all, how many times have we heard use of the word *pogrom* in the past week? It’s the same horrific behavior perpetrated over an entire century, and allowed rise again in the unspeakable acts seen in both places.

Maybe it's a little too early, but I'm quite excited. My next big project: 2d6 Tales, a #hackable, #opensource, #generic #ttrpg system.

Big as in "As much love and care I can give it" big.

Wish me luck.

You have no idea how brutal this campaign has been… They put everything they had into this, all their power, state institutions, state media, all their hate, lies, piles of money. And they still lost.

They pissed off people so much that there was a record turnout, so many young people went to vote.

No one expected it would look like this, polling stations weren't prepared. Some people voted at 2-3am, 6 hours after the deadline (!), after waiting in queues for hours in the cold…

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It's official, we did it! The center/center-right/left coalition has 248/460 seats, PiS is on the way out! 🇵🇱🎉😄

Just to give you an idea: imagine Nov 2020 in the US, but after 8 years under Trump's rule instead of 4…

Ton of work now to do and they will fight it on every step. They still have a president (until '25) who will veto everything, and they've locked their people in all institutions. It'll be a long battle. But Poland is back!

#politics #Poland #Wybory2023

#umatrix #dumb

Новая Газета Европа сливает посетителей Яндексу. Тупость, диверсия, конспирология?

I don't think there is any need to comment.

I'm really sad that I was siding with palestine supporters before Oct 7th. It's almost funny how the people like this Oxford graduate are ready to do everything possible to side-step the holocaust-levels of slaughter showing no respect or regard to the people who have demonstrably supported their cause. Loved the tantrum too!

hitting the logistics in is exactly what a country fighting a defensive war *should NOT* do.

Thanks for visibility, @mxhdroom!

It can't and shouldn't be compared to the atrocities of October 7th, but this sort of stuff has a serious bomber command 1944/45 vibe.

. @ksyu happy to see that you're still on mastodon! 👀

Was really cool to work with you side by side 🙇

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