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All the idioms you need to be productive in while writing safe scripts.

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did you hear about the bill that requires all paperwork be done in latex? it was met with a public backslash

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If I were to start a #patreon to have dedicated time to write #openbsd specific content and also record podcasts.

In this eventuality, would you be willing to support me?

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A japanese text illusion 

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How many VC/DID implementations one has to write before dropping the hot take that the standard is mostly poorly designed. 😯

So, Cruachan's poetically-named album "Blood for the Blood God" has speed and progressive metal elements. It's unexpectedly awesome.

So weird to discover that one's childhood bands still exist and record albums.

It's really weird to listen to Cruachan in London.

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If anyone else needs to know, it turns out the secret is to set your terminal app to "Open with Rosetta" then build with machine type ta6osx. Thanks @ChrRasmussen for the hint! I'll update the Idris 2 README...

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Jonn boosted I _love_ fail panels and fail talks. Go follow @trevoke... Somewhere. He's great.

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This is how I fell in love with Gentle Giant, many-many years ago. I've somewhat recently posted a very similar take on centralisation on masto. Feels good to be in a good company. :)

I kind of don't understand framework which make you write more code, not less.

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When your children ask ‘why is engineering important?’, show them this video


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