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All the idioms you need to be productive in while writing safe scripts.

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A company that takes a very strong stance is @mullvadnet Love their product, ideals, the way they communicate and how they reject the growth tricks other players use.

This post is a great response to the recent industry news too

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When DHH shares nice words about you, you put it on your home page #rulesofstartups 😀

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Super-spreader events are cute and all because natural selection. I'm only really sad about the families of locals who may and will lose their lives because of a bunch of idiots getting [too close] together.

People who say "docker doesn't use LXC, it uses CGroups" drive me crazy, especially since I keep forgetting that CGroups is in LXC and I have to look it up in case I'm saying something stupid.

I wonder if there's ever gonna be "Understanding Modern Linux Kernel", perhaps in three tomes? I'd love to return to this book, but I don't feel even 3rd edition to be relevant, especially since there's literally not going to be anything new for me to remember, because I was following 2.6 pretty closely.

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Today I came up with an alright angle-shoot, while being mildly frustrated about missing turn three without two drops, playing around Daze.

Turn four I quickly tapped four lands and played a three drop. Opponent Dazed, to which I said "ok, I pay one".

Just posting it here to not forget since angle-shooting is not something I do often and it was really light-hearted.

You would greatly help if you participated in this poll and shared it with your friends or colleagues who are sr. engineers or in management:

I know this demo is kinda trashy, but it's a good introduction into how a "registration" works with and .

If you have any feature requests for a next-gen federated authentication and authorisation system, hit me up or make an issue:

You can also contribute stuff like biometrics support via react-native (to eliminate the password) and more fun protocols! We also need replication via federation for high availability.

If anyone is excited about system that anyone can set up in under half an hour (as opposed to ) and that uses VC/DID by default, and doesn't use blockchain to store data, let's chat too!

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It is mind-blowing how Germany has both some of best person protection laws and some of craziest #predatory practices encouragement at the same time. Apparently now I will have to pay 1 year more for #Vodafone services I don't use because I have missed "autorenewal cancelling window" and that is a "standard german contract" >_<

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If you need a Teams (or other chat app) background for your next big conference call, I put this one together.
#mrrobot #theitcrowd #theoffice #robocop

Going live with the final push to finish DoAuth 0.3 release and interactive landing! No sound, no commentaries, but imagine me swearing at my computer to the sounds of Soviet heavy metal!.

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