It's a bit funny how similar and humans are. First reaction (in presence of limited "brain-" power) is to start guessing. But when asked not to guess, it figures things out.

is going strong. Today made pages and pages of content.

May I present you with an -compatible way to run investigations?

From being a keyboard warrior to being an imaginary one. Enjoying mapping a lot while playing .

If you understand the concept of , you probably should understand the concept of ?

My "you don't have to see it to believe it"[1] friends, somehow asked to see photos and videos of the atrocities committed by the palestinian combatants this war.

At a risk of getting defederated for content policy violation, I'll politely defer to the channel of, say, Yigal Levin over at Telegram.

I'll just attach one video which should comply with the content policies because it's not graphic, but horrible nonetheless. It depicts the reaction of "regular palestinians" to one of the hostages taken into the country of . Flogging ensued.


Straight from playbook.

"You don't need to see Ukrainian nazis to believe that they are there".

I tried so hard to empathise with pro-palestinian people, I even have a textual evidence of me discussing that with my Jewish friends, but it's so hard to feel empathy towards, let alone associate with people who post arab propaganda and ask their readers not to make evidence-based judgements.

What's especially fucked up them comparing the ratko mladich's unprovoked massacre with retaliation strikes for a documented (not least by hamas and palestinians themselves) massacre. By that logic, the author of these toots should side with serbs during the retaliation that was happening in Yugoslavian war.

I can't even.

I'm very upset right now. Submitted an appeal to .

Seems like are tagging as "nudity / porn"? Wtf.

Literally all the roads lead to Santa Fe.
Adams, Zelazny, G. West, all the systems theorists I adore. Unreal.

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