Here's how you run an investigation! A supporting content from Feb 6.

A peculiar fireplace.

A explanation of the reason why is only one out of the three wide chimneys on the roof is tainted with the black smoke residue! The fireplace isn't as deep as one would think.

I keep being both ahead and behind of at the same time.

In the spirit of time traveling, here's the Feb 4th entry.

More -compatible goodies from the adventure we're making with .

More consumables in support of my content!

The pamphlet reads:

> Do more with less: take sage Ksrakk's crystalline chocolate on an adventure with you!

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Presenting some more in support of content, sort of.

Every paranoid wizard should have a potion of refocus in their bag!

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Feb 1st supporting is an (sorry, mom) spell "Liquid Manipulation".

It was way harder to come up with interesting semantics for it, but actually writing stuff for OSE is so much easier than for .

games, as opposed to games have wordiness in their DNA, and writing wordy texts is a breeze!

Also, don't worry, I remember that I owe January some content, I'll publish more backlog soon. If someone wants to run an session, feel free to reach out to me for all the rule cards in one place and in a hyperlinked format. It's rules-distributed (kinda rules light, but you can hand out the rules on demand to your players, making them the lawyers of some marginal mechanics they asked for to have fun), crunchy, tactical and ready to play.

Here's my Jan 18th entry. Grapple mechanics made fun in . No opposed rolls, just difficult martial artist (strength) checks and still a fun and meaninful tactical mini-game! And, in the best tradition of , some combat moves that are relevant to the rules.

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It gets worse before it hopefully gets better. No idea what to do with the glass windows, not going to lie, but the base layer is sketched!

Again, a "cheating" entry. I promise, I'll come back to spy stuff some time in February!

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Rounding up first month of with some illustration work on the 's "Hour of Unity" adventure.

Let's see, we got a Jan 28th entry yesterday, gotta remember that while I publish my backlog. Anyway, for Jan 17th entry, I do a double time travel trick and give you the most current edit of the "Turns" card based on hazard system, after the feedback from... ...**players**! (Yup, I test my content as I go in the vein of and ).

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Instead of today's ...
My character facing off against a wyvern in the moors.
We had to put two of them down to retrieve lost artifacts. 14 HD dealt with by two retainers, a level 4 strong and a level 1 wise.

Almost died to crocodiles while fishing on our way back to town too... 😃

Good session! Love system and play style!

I still am so happy when good suggestions happen. Feels like magic every time.

@alesgenova I did some time trials on - ... Still, my time trial pace is slower than your event pace in the same car :D

I need to learn so much...

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