queries in

Gonna know that schema to make those queries, y'all.

> The first part, the match pattern, must be a tuple that will match the structure of the the data stored in the registry, which is {key, pid, value}. The atom :_ can be used to ignore a given value or tuple element, while the atom :"$1" can be used to temporarily assign part of pattern to a variable for a subsequent comparison. This can be combined like {:"$1", :_, :_}.

child_spec became way more ergonomic in Elixir v1.6.0, released in late December 2017 / early January 2018.

I'm fucking screaming. This is how we send mail in 2022 as a society.

Just imagine having that awesome distributed protocol that matured for decades to be replaced by three mainstream companies.

I have no words lol.

Plucking Assertions out of for ultimate programming experience with library.

in 2022: however would we capture closures while serialising arrows?

, 1989: hold my beer

Yo @groovestomp, you can't imagine how close I was to getting wiped out on the stage 8!

I took softs and 0 spares because there was a service park before the last stage, and rammed the car into cliff after clipping something with the left side.

I wasn't sure if I had a slow puncture so had to go slow on S8, but jammed fast during the fast section.

I think your S8 also didn't go your way though, since I improved on your time on the last stage, I think.

@groovestomp a lot of spins and half-spins, a puncture on stage one in Spain Weekly, but no DNFs :)

What a beautiful test.

Wrote a thing with no bug, wrote a test with no bug.

If we would've written a thing with a bug, we would've just as well written a test with a bug.

Holy shit, I've never seen Rally Azores. Heck, I didn't even know that Azores exist.

This is such a cool location and it's so cool that ERC broadcasts its live. Wow. What a rally. Ridiculous.

FSF is going wild with GNU parallel.
For next release they should insert mIRC free version countdown before each task that's getting executed!

"We echo the thoughts of Kalle Rovanperä, and our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine" I'm glad that it was voiced by the commentators in Kiri Bloore and Julian Porter.

I want to point out that Kiri is raising awareness about the situation in Ukraine full time. She's awesome. I'm really glad that she's taking a stance.

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