Cute to know that my home city hosted this legendary event in 2013! 🙇

Unbelievable stuff. Loeb coming back in the last super stage due to an unlucky puncture and a destroyed wheel and keeping the de-facto lead by just half a second. Ogier got an additional +10 for a false start on the power stage. I am speechless. What a sport. What a rally.

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I guess it's hard to keep social distancing when something like this happens.

Loeb: 8 times Monte winner, this time Isabelle Galmiche, a maths teacher with a hobby, as his co-driver.

I'm absolutely not crying right now. Also, in a Ford which was struggling so much for the past many years. Wow. Also, de-facto, Loeb won by just 0.5 seconds. Half-a-bloody-second over two hundred plus competitive kilometers.

Ever since I got an honour of being able to interact with @neauoire, I became mindful of traffic I consume. I'm a little bit embarassed to have sent them a link to my company's website to realise that we're shipping a damn **CSS** which applies all-so-prescious YouTube branding to YouTube players, which is 340kB large. The biggest asset on the page.

If you want to use mastodon as a stream chat and you have a multi-column view, I strongly suggest to use compact view by collapsing the browser window horizontally a bit. Less distractions!

Made a logo for my virtual rally team. Welcome Jonn's Greenhorns. We'll be driving a 2012 Škoda Fabia S2000 in this year's inaugural RBR JRC!

@groovestomp also they give whole two weeks to complete a rally, but once one start a leg one must finish it:

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I think it's literally a sign to get into rallying, especially since this stuff has word "Junior" in it... and it's a literal first season ever.

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I tried to buy it but failed, because there's no way to. Turned out maintenance of RBR is a community effort. Everything is opensource if you disassemble hard enough.

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Hey, @nilesh is Learn Awesome's font based on what I think it is based on?

If so, great job on making it your own! The font has magic in it either way :D

I have no idea how hard it is for beginners to read errors.

I imagine being a beginner and seeing this error and I shiver.

deprecate the gender property from the protocol entirely

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