Been a while since I've updated y'all about .

Well, we can insert credentials under transaction with a very nice interface: a keypair and a claim map.

Underneath, it's 99%-compliant with and standards, but on the surface it just gives programmers what they care about!

Here's how to insert a credential / claim in :

Poor Elfyn... But that was what modern rally is all about. Three-day-long nailbiter!

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The closest rally finish I've seen ever... Minutes to watch... Insane!

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Imagine trying to fix the areo package on the road section!

I hope Seb won't drop to the third, but let's be real, he will.

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Sad about Seb... Hoping for Neuville to fight back, but I don't think it's gonna happen...

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If not for the fuck-up with tire selection, Thierry Neuville would've been solidly in the lead. Alas, he is fighting +2.9 deficit to Evans.

Another 0.0 1-2 stage! Loving it!

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What a start for the Saturday.

Tire strategy on full tarmac rallies makes or breaks the stage times, just as Neuville was flying yesterday, Toyotas, yeeting all hard tires won the gamble big time.

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Rally Croatia thread.

Don't you just love it when they have the exact same time at the stage end?!

Everybody has their own .

Mine started in 2003, consumed me all the way till 2006 and took me all the way to the pre-historic seventies.

But today I have decided to go from troubled modern times, when the band of Boris Grebentshikov is perhaps even more relevant than it was in the eighties, all the way to the year when I, as a kid, heard his works for the first time.

No matter what, no matter where, I'm always living as if it's

Today has verified its first credential.

Going to clean up noisy logging output and push the code tomorrow.

My only "grudge" against Ecto is that the docs suggest using :string in migrations, and then this happens.

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