Based on intermediate results of , we will have a predictable fight between and for pole. I hope that the crowd will root for the right driver 🙂

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A meme about data races which is presented as a corrupted picture. Via Roman Melnikov.

300 USD fundraiser to repair the car we bought for purposes. Any amount helps!

USD: IBAN/SWIFT UA493808050000000262025459354

Address: 28142, Ukraine, reg. Kirovohradska, district Kompaniivskyim village Harmanivka, st. Molodizhna, build. 1.




So apparently that was 6th longest game in the history of the sport. I need to look up the stats now.

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U wot mate? That's quite a number of overtimes. The most I've ever seen.

Apparently, there's money in selling bananas in the financial district of London. I wonder if there's a more succinct way of phrasing it...

Gladly, not all American heavy metal bands from 80s were brainwashed by commie tomfoolery. First two albums of are dece plus.

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