Love them both. ❤️
I still can't believe that Jessica Walter is gone. Hurwitz is a hero for making season 5 of Arrested Development happen.

Even if you don't care about morals, as @EU_Commission politocians, you have to support Ukraine for your own benefit.

"Why do we even bother running the clock, we know he'll win". Martins is delivering!

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Flying Latvian is flying! <3
The guy won every stage over the three days so far, wtf. Even for a home rally it's spectacular.

Idk why I'm surprised that Sesks has a Latvian-speaking co-driver. For some reason I thought it's gonna be English.

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that's how my gemini page looks now: gemini://

queries in

Gonna know that schema to make those queries, y'all.

> The first part, the match pattern, must be a tuple that will match the structure of the the data stored in the registry, which is {key, pid, value}. The atom :_ can be used to ignore a given value or tuple element, while the atom :"$1" can be used to temporarily assign part of pattern to a variable for a subsequent comparison. This can be combined like {:"$1", :_, :_}.

child_spec became way more ergonomic in Elixir v1.6.0, released in late December 2017 / early January 2018.

I'm fucking screaming. This is how we send mail in 2022 as a society.

Just imagine having that awesome distributed protocol that matured for decades to be replaced by three mainstream companies.

I have no words lol.

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