What I would really prefer to hold for , and this will be my editorial policy, is for us to never post things that aren't 100% written by humans.

Benefit of working in my own self-funded startup #68

We have timeout messages hardcoded in the system to 3 minutes.
I was too lazy to change the messages....

So I just changed the planet.

Ok Google, provide me a dictionary definition of "forcing a meme".

Remember ?

I'm currently writing an OSE module that I plan to release some time this year. And sometimes I need new cool spells to make sure that a single "big-bad" can hold their ground against the party.

May I present you "dreamwoven image", the mirror image's big brother. Pair with 's Dream Vapours for some TPK action.

Getting out of slump by drafting everything except for white in .

I'm very happy that I've stumbled upon the idea of virtual card advantage before Alex and Sam have educated the masses about it.

Bombs don't matter, I was winning without bombs. The key is Vitu Ghazi Inspectors, a ton of self-mill from the leech, panthers, split card and even gorehound and edicts!
I only resolved Izani twice and didn't win both games 😄

Wasn't impressed with Hustle // Bustle in this deck at all, probably a Faerie would have been stronger. I think so even though I have attacked with Bustle for lethal once.

It's an absolute insanity to prototype code without types.

That includes . Using should be chapter 1 of any modern Elixir tutorial.

Was one non-flooded game away from going 3-0 with this.

2-1 on the draw vs detectives (remove key threats, stall, win with Performer. In: Rage, out: Leech),
1-2 on the draw vs big Disguise (RG Performer, got flooded, so not representative. On the draw In: Macabre Reconstruction, Out: Informant. On the play: In: 2-drop, Out: Informant),
2-1 on the draw vs UW tempo (play around counterspells, force them to tap out, win with huge Robbery. No changes).

Notably, I probably misbuilt this and should've ran Alley Assailant main deck instead of the second copy of the Informant.

3-0 on a very tough server vs some mythic-level players.

Will put out the recordings if anyone is interested.

2022 feels like it was a hundred years ago, but it also feels like yesterday.

When they say that there are moments that split life into "before" and "after", they fail to mention that while you're on the "after" side, it sort of all mashes together into one long nightmare.

I am certain that freedom will win and the evil shall be crushed.

Lol, is serving propaganda machine. Who could have thought. I hope they at least MITM the fuckers 🤞

Switched back to programming for January 31 release of .

Exciting times ahead. We have all the tech, and now we're completeing the checklist for full automation and cross-integration.

If you need an automated test task for IT hiring or OKRs, we're your people. zerohr.io

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