With the tech I have developed with , I figured, it would make sense to build something like a FOSS about.me that is geared towards geeks, with a cup-of-coffe-per-month hosting.

What key features would you like to see in such a product?

Boosts are welcome.

Wed Jun 16 16:22:06:471171601 sweater@rethink ~
λ pass doma/maja.doma.dev
"slip": {
"ops": 4,
"mem": 40960,
"saltSize": 16,
"salt": "5A7ZuPZv8yrOdbU0CTZ0mQ=="


Feels great to have password and KDF slip stored in my password manager!

Sneak peek:


So, @pola and I have signed up an account through a <textarea> designated for verifiable credential.

I'm finishing up with namespacing for and we're gonna integrate tomorrow, fingers crossed.

It will mean that we have a VC / DID authentication for .

You can already deploy to your server in dev mode and start registering users. If you do, share your server's PK with me so that I can add it to my server!


Working hard on being privacy-preserving. API first, backend later.

Managed to write a count-based invite system full implementation with as a library takes 111 LoC.

Going to write tests tomorrow and start looking into integration with mastodon 🎉

Another milestone for !

Invite functionality is implemented, now it's basically .

Getting sleepy...

I wonder if I'll manage to implement limked lists for verifiable credentials as seen in , thus implementing everything needed for the quantity-bound invite protocol.

Another milestone in 's history: JS client verified its first credential!

Ok well anyway, test your code, kids.

Here's a screenshot of sodium.js producing the same key as server.

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We are getting places with cryptography in browser.
Can't wait to polish the second prototype and start integrating it with services, looking at OIDC compliance, etc.

With . it's really easy to make and validate claims, embedded into

We're trying to prioritise for people who want to use our software (as well as, when the time shall come to make frontends, for the end users).

Good morning! Time to fix some tests I broke while implementing tofu logic.

Logic for 's is implemented, tomorrow: endpoint and maybe deployment to aaa.doma.dev for memes?

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A road to : servers can almost register themselves, now let's self-sign!

Been a while since I've updated y'all about .

Well, we can insert credentials under transaction with a very nice interface: a keypair and a claim map.

Underneath, it's 99%-compliant with and standards, but on the surface it just gives programmers what they care about!

Here's how to insert a credential / claim in : git.sr.ht/~doma/do-auth/commit

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