Posted a couple of little videos: "The Code of Escape": where we learn the least stupid way to set terminal titles.

And "HTTP Client in JavaScript": where I demonstrate how to make a registration form from scratch while making a minimal wrapper around fetch API in order to write denser code.

If you like my bits, subscribe with RSS to my tubedu channel!

Going live with ambient sounds (outdoor cafe[1] + cyberboard typing[2]).

Main goal for today is adding a authentication to (an file upload demo with upload capabilities as rich as Google Drive's, i.e. multi-file upload and *directory* upload!).

Secondary: start closing UX tickets related to accounting (as in AAA) from for .

Tune in!


Dropping in favour of using a with a simple async persistence only for the things that need to be persisted made a credential verification from a 50+ms ordeal into 1-ms ordeal. x50 speedup makes me hopeful about 0.4 demo making a user account in sub-100ms, compared to sub 1.5s which 0.3 shows.

Making reasonable with deep functional programming.

If I had Uptight.{Text, Binary, Base} while coding v0.2 and 0.3, I would have done it so much faster.

I know this demo is kinda trashy, but it's a good introduction into how a "registration" works with and .

If you have any feature requests for a next-gen federated authentication and authorisation system, hit me up or make an issue:

You can also contribute stuff like biometrics support via react-native (to eliminate the password) and more fun protocols! We also need replication via federation for high availability.

If anyone is excited about system that anyone can set up in under half an hour (as opposed to ) and that uses VC/DID by default, and doesn't use blockchain to store data, let's chat too!

Day job done for today, it means, it's time to write some code for . Tune in to my no comments stream. I reply in chat though.

With the tech I have developed with , I figured, it would make sense to build something like a FOSS that is geared towards geeks, with a cup-of-coffe-per-month hosting.

What key features would you like to see in such a product?

Boosts are welcome.

Wed Jun 16 16:22:06:471171601 sweater@rethink ~
λ pass doma/
"slip": {
"ops": 4,
"mem": 40960,
"saltSize": 16,
"salt": "5A7ZuPZv8yrOdbU0CTZ0mQ=="


Feels great to have password and KDF slip stored in my password manager!

Sneak peek:

So, @pola and I have signed up an account through a <textarea> designated for verifiable credential.

I'm finishing up with namespacing for and we're gonna integrate tomorrow, fingers crossed.

It will mean that we have a VC / DID authentication for .

You can already deploy to your server in dev mode and start registering users. If you do, share your server's PK with me so that I can add it to my server!

Working hard on being privacy-preserving. API first, backend later.

Managed to write a count-based invite system full implementation with as a library takes 111 LoC.

Going to write tests tomorrow and start looking into integration with mastodon 🎉

Another milestone for !

Invite functionality is implemented, now it's basically .

Getting sleepy...

I wonder if I'll manage to implement limked lists for verifiable credentials as seen in , thus implementing everything needed for the quantity-bound invite protocol.

Another milestone in 's history: JS client verified its first credential!

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