#morsetodon now shows live toots from my homeserver, chaos.social! 🎉 (Or any other Mastodon server, if you add "#your.server" to the URL and refresh.)

On the desktop, you can scroll up/down, and pause with "space", and I added a cheat sheet.

This format is a pretty motivating learning environment for me – once I'm invested in reading a toot, *I wanna know how it ends*! #amateurradio


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@cab404 today on overkill central! Jokes aside, it's a magic of abusing zero-width spaces to trick zulip into rendering it this way.

How did our ink integration work in A Highland Song?

Ink was originally designed as a choice-based interactive fiction engine (for games such as Sorcery and 80 Days), so how can it be used to make a more visual game?

Thing I'll never understand about the West number 136: charity for tax deduction (and thus, being as charitable as your tax bracket allows).

I don't even know where to begin, so I'll just post it as a statement that I don't understand this mindset.

P.S. Don't donate to that guy, he's at best deranged.

Internet Archive suffered a major power outage over the weekend and we are still recovering; if the site seems a little janky and slow, that's why.

moscow spent an estimated $200-250 million on the terrible missile attack on #Ukraine today, according to Forbes.ua. Where does the #money come from? Yes, energy and other exports, but also — taxes the multinationals operating in #Russia pay. Unless foreign firms #exitRussia, they are involved in such attacks.


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Got banned from for activism. Don't plan to return.

@jonn and if you really like references to France's darkest hours here is a video of an orchestra singing a renewed version of a video mocking Pétain in front of the headquarters of the far-right party: youtu.be/yCC16KD9zWQ?si=8ipsL5

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