@groovestomp is it book 2? Just re-read book 1 to dust. :)

Book 1 is miles ahead the rest. I like the entirety of the series though.

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okay, now my #pinePDA is running sxmo since @kelbot gave me the magic swipe gesture to make it go landscape.

multiple workspaces, the toot-lab in one via firefox in fullscreen mode and zoom at 50%, and this is quite the little pocket computer!

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Google FLoC is dead! Google has decided to scrap FLoC after "a bunch of great feedback from the community, as I’m sure you know" 🥳

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Uxn32 1.2 released. Now it has audio. 60kb. Download it:


(Also, it can zoom the screen now.)

@nilesh git annex and git. I wish there was a cuter, more human git. Hmm, startup idea?

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uxn, yofo and donsol working on OpenBSD 7.0 -current

Thank you for writing OS agnostic code that compiles cleanly and easily. Not all developers care about this!

Cute to know that my home city hosted this legendary event in 2013! 🙇

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@margodeweerdt hah, you even answered (it's about the RPG stuff). K-9 has a counterintuitive interface. Sorry again, I'll send an answer shortly.

@groovestomp it was also SS2 lol. On the bright side — now I have time to DiRT vs you this week.

@cwebber i use wacup btw. but i never used skins b/c the compact mode was OP.

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If you’re working on creating artificial scarcity, may I just say from the bottom of my heart, fuck you, stop doing that like some fucking psychopath and go fix some real problems to improve people’s lives instead of fucking them up even more.

Thank you.

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What a weekend! Ended up #1 on HackerNews, a dozen sub-reddits and GitHub Trending.

So exhausted, but also so proud of everything we do at @charm!


@margodeweerdt sorry to ping, but did you receive the E-Mail from me (from doma.dev domain)? I sent it on Jan 15th.

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