Yesterday I recorded my best ever #GPS track. It was the "100 bridges" walk in #Leiden: a very quirky tangled route over (yes) 100 bridges, in 20 km

Панство Федіверсове, збір на 60 FPV дронів для 56 бригади триває!

Чим більше дронів ми закупимо для наших, тим більше у них шансів виграти в тій фазі війни, що у новинах називають "Війною Дронів".

₴125.4k / ₴1500.0k
█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 8%


У русні є ледь не централізоване постачання цивільних дронів з Китаю, а також є власне виробництво єбучих Ланцетів, Орланів, Зала. Наша задача - дати військовим якомога більше дронів зараз, всіх яких ми можемо дати і всім, кому зможемо.

Посилання на відео запит з субтитрами англійською:


Долучайтесь донатами і поширенням, будь ласка

Задонатили? Показуйте іншим! Краще сюди в тред. Так назбираємо швидше бо інші бачитимуть, що хтось теж це робить



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#Ukraine #UkrainianFundraising #fundraising #RussiaIsATerroristState #україна #збір #зсу #збірзсу #UkraineWar #russianinvasion

Mastodon is for people, who when they are called Weird, say Thank you.

In the late 90s and early 00s, russia has threatened my country with a military intervention in case we continue our negotiations to join and .

I had nightmares about what is currently happening in , happening in my country. I was afraid, we were afraid. We no longer are.

Vorohiv na nozhi!

Is it really "rusophobia" if we're not scared anymore?

La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la (putin khuilo)

Happy Tuesday! Keep helping yebashity rusnyu!

Oh my, I forgot the suggestion "follow the data" for studying medium to large code bases. It's so useful.

As #Unity seems to be turning to crap, here are some free open #GameEngines you can follow on the Fediverse:

➡️ @godotengine - Popular 3D & 2D multiplatform #FOSS game engine

➡️ @bitsy - FOSS #GameEngine for little games that can be made & played entirely within a web browser

➡️ @solarus - FOSS 2D #RPG engine for Linux, Mac, Win, Switch

➡️ @Minetest - FOSS voxel game engine with #Minecraft style graphics by default

➡️ @xenko - FOSS cross-platform game engine

#GameDev #Dev #Libre

I've published a thing. It's not finished, or tested, but I'd rather have in the wild than forgotten in a cloud folder.

It's called EPIC FIVE, and it's one-rule engine to play 5E characters. Or any characters you can define with a list of traits, really.

If like me you love your D&D worlds and characters but hate Hasbro, this might be for you.


@jonn I honestly don’t know. They world leaders seems to think that this nonsense russian fear-talk is ok and accept. The pink piglet in the Kremlin knew he got a Carte Blanche when our leaders didn’t enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Sadly russia seems to only understand a firm hand slapping them in the face.

We need to give more no matter what. Several Patriot+IRIS/T-Systems should be in place to protect more cities.

Protests are needed!

@richlv is there someone who thinks they can change? Cērams ka ne mājās. :)

@stadsplanering what can we do to deliver this message to decision makers? I donate all my money to and organise fundraisers to particular brigade I know people from, but it's not enough. We need our governments to really step in. Do you know of some initiatives? Rallies? Protests? :S

Just a reminder that we need to support #Ukraine even more so they can get rid of the russian military vermin in their country.

Even if we get positive news on the Ukrainian offensive their soldiers in arms, women and men, die daily because we are not supporting them more!


🕹️ Meet the Guy Preserving the New History of PC Games, One Linux Port at a Time

「 Usually, when video game publishers talk about revisiting older games they talk about “remasters,” lavish reproductions that not only make them playable, but update their graphics or make them more modern in some way. Lee chose the word “maintenance” intentionally to describe what he does 」

#Linux #Gamedev #Retrogaming

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