Here's how you run an investigation! A supporting content from Feb 6.

@e_eric perhaps we can try. It's not like it changesnthe expectations of what's real and what's not in the setting.


@mxhdroom ah, yeah, I hope that the infrastructure is prepared. With all the love for winter, such weather is no joke. 🙏

@mxhdroom gah, I want to move to Canada... I miss proper winter!
I fondly remember even the last -17 I experienced 😺

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@e_eric it's not that kind of 1940s, although I could run it as that World War Ct*lhu thing.

It's just that I feel like there's a niche in the market which is: serious and honest to the source material ww2 / cold war simulationust spy stuff.

There is "Cold Shadows", but it's a collective narrative game about... Secret information? I don't think the authors have thought through the game design 😃

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Urgh. Enough writing and rewriting. It's off my chest now and maybe I can stop thinking about it.

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@e_eric okay. I can bring my character, rewound to 1st level. 😺

Sadly I won't be able to run my stuff since it's an Europe hexcrawl set in 1940s.

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A lot of us have a month's worth of exploration in notebooks and blogs thanks to #dungeon23. How about we start running our settings for each other?

Like, I tell you when, and how long I'm plan to run an online game. You bring an OSR-adjacent character (I'll use my own rules anyway), and we explore Stasis Island and beyond!

When someone runs their own dungeon, you can use the same character, continuity be damned.

I'm thinking #meta23 would be an easier hashtag than #FLAILSNAILS23.


@evan ah, I gave up my mischief and voted "qualified yes". :(

Qualification: highlands, close to big cities but not inside the big cities.

A peculiar fireplace.

A explanation of the reason why is only one out of the three wide chimneys on the roof is tainted with the black smoke residue! The fireplace isn't as deep as one would think.

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@jonn @cblgh yeah they managed to scrape my origin server behind Cloudflare from IPv4 manually (there's no hostname pointed at it) and then attacked it directly. it took my site down for a few minutes until I added rules in AWS to block everything except Cloudflare's IPs.

@evan yeah, over time I realised it, but I'm still being mischievous.

Thus, if there was a poll "Do you respond to @evan polls"? I would answer "Qualified yes" :)

@evan interesting. I have confession to make: when I first saw your polls, the questions were mostly about opinions and points of view, so I thought that "strong" means "I believe so" and "qualified" means "in my opinion", as in "my belief is backed by qualifications".
A while ago I figured that my understanding of intended semantics was wrong, but I still continue voting like that :D

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