In reality, the fact that is no more is a good thing.

I wouldn't have started writing on if not for SMOG, and I know for a fact it inspired more people to hack more and hack better.

So, after the initial sadness, comes acceptance and gratefulness.

Here are some recordings from the band's epic trip through a huge chunk of western Russia:

They went to small towns to which music like this has never happened before and I doubt it will ever happen.

I wish there were more recordings, but it is how it is.

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In ASCII world there are new social distancing rules: bits can't congregate in groups larger than seven.

Help the guests find their way home and get the flag!

* * *

DM me your flags, flag format: doma{.*}

OK, it didn't work because default prefix is LFS, let's do `configure --prefix="$(pwd)"`.

`cat Makefile | grep prefix` shows `prefix = /home/sweater/gnu/poke-1.0/build`...

Okay, local install succeeded:

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Ok, `make` is done, let's see if the binary is there somewhere (notice `rev-cut-rev` pattern that I totally stole somewhere, not discovered myself):

`find -type f | rev | cut -d\/ -f1 | rev | grep -e '^poke'`

Now that we know that such binary exists, we can find it like this:

`find -type f | grep -e '/poke$'`

It ended up being in `./poke` directory. 🤦‍♀️

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Okay, I misunderstood the stack. It's clearly not using any mono stuff, so `sudo apt install libgc-dev` fixed the situation and I can move forward.

Final list deplist to install on for me was:

`sudo apt install tcl-dev libgc-dev libjson-c-dev libreadline-dev`.

Now we `make`... GNU software is so 80s, omg. :3

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Trying to install , since doesn't work with snaps, I'm trying to get there with

`sudo apt install tcl-dev libmonoboehm-2.0-1 libjson-c-dev`

But I still get "configure: error: can't find the Boehm GC library. Please install it."


Today on hidden gems of .

"So Long, my Comandor"
from album "The Last Testament - Book One" by Gatis Ziema and Regal Decadence band.

We need more last testament books... Maybe some day.

Let's say you hate header bloat, and trust that your user can click "home" button to go to website navigation.

Logically, you start with the navbar to be the first child of a `display: grid` wrapper with the following grid-columns: ''7vh 1fr 9vh''.

But you also want to make sure that the logo in your navbar is on the side where the reading starts, and the buttons are on the side where the reading ends (this post will assume left to right reading).

So you face a question: how to avoid `position: absolute` or `position: fixed` trick everyone uses to place items into fixed navbars?

Here's a simple answer:

1. Use `<span>` for logo wrapper / button wrapper in navbar (this enables us to use relative positions with precision);

2. Use relative positions to bump our typography lower by saying `top: calc(7vh / 2 - 0.5em)`;

3. Define `--horizontalOffset` to be equal to `100vw` minus the default width of your content divided by two (offsets are applied to both left side and right side). In my case it was `--horizontalOffset: calc((100vw - 54vw) / 2)`;

4. For the logo element now it's easy to see that relative bump from the left has to be exactly this offset, so we write `left: var(--horizontalOffset);`

5. For the buttons, the formula is only slightly trickier. We still do a relative bump from the left (because we need to push it to the right), but here we need to calculate how much do our buttons take in `em`s, which in my situation is `20em`, and bump with the following formula: `left: calc(100vw - var(--offset) - 20em)`. First bit means "take offset out of the full viewport width", but if we stop there then our buttons will poke out to the right of content, so we need to account for a good approximation of the width of the button wrapper.

Finally, we got a clutter-free navbar solution!

@TFG yeah, in my experience sometimes it's very important to match custom binary offsets, which most of the hex editors fall short of.

I think it could be interesting to apply to find binary patterns in forensics 🤔

@markosaric but thank you very much for your suggestions! Once we have budget, we'll look into sending E-Mail with HEY/Postmark 🎉

@markosaric I'm having all my infra on servers I trust, I see no way to de-google E-Mail for the new company on 0$ budget.

So basically I concede to the fact that my mail will never be delivered to people who asked for it, like customers, etc.

Or am I missing something?

@markosaric what do you use to send out E-Mails btw / for hosting? Google? If I do the ground work, would you be interested to eventually file an antitrust *something* to EU commission against Google for keeping E-Mail infrastructure hostage?

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Today we're starting to send reminders to those who have outgrown their subscription plan to upgrade to a more appropriate tier.

Emails will be sent throughout the month according to the billing cycle. Haven't focused on this until now so let's see how it affects our MRR.

Hey, @TFG, check this out —

I was trying to do something similar (with more sed-like workflow) last year, but someone actually made it into a released bit of software, and a community around it.

@selea @TFG @Archivist @anders @cody oh wow, that's cool, I didn't know about , thanks Selea! :3

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