@cloudfog I can't comment on this because I don't know what Putin and Co. actually say these days.

@cloudfog yeah, I'm scared of it too, a little bit.

But the reality is that if yo udon't use a password, you WILL forget it no matter how awesome your memory is. My 0.58 BTC can attest to that. :D

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Fancy a custom #Lagrange UI theme? 😎

In v1.6, UI colors can be customized via a config file.

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trans issues 

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@cloudfog you're forgetting the third option — an actual Stockholm syndrome! In Soviet Union, I feel like it was the majority factor: pretend you believe something your peers and captors (like ЦК) claim to believe or be destroyed by the machine.

"@context": [],
"type": [],
"issuer": "did:doma:z9WvHH7JyPek1SehusPElQRTMl8UfxvP9sANUlGZ57U=",
"issuanceDate": "2021-06-16T17:15:05Z",
"credentialSubject": {
"@context": [],
"credentialSubject": {
"capacity": 10,
"holder": "did:doma:c5Cfk0Aw_SYXzIgvDO3QNumrD30E5o-Sd61n8bL4dTw=",
"kind": "invite"
"id": "/invites/0LMLz-psbFmVEc2aVr9pXShesbIxfeeg6Kc0YCVYMI0=",
"issuanceDate": "2021-06-08T09:48:15Z",
"issuer": "did:doma:c5Cfk0Aw_SYXzIgvDO3QNumrD30E5o-Sd61n8bL4dTw=",
"proof": {
"created": "2021-06-08T09:48:15Z",
"proofPurpose": "assertionMethod",
"signature": "Tj2bekNqJyj73q64RAUW2GMSuimP4IW2kbApwTFQvVZT8oEe5fzWUO9c_UwgRohQd-0vJ1i5LECjZJyvwov-Cw==",
"type": "libsodium2021",
"verificationMethod": "did:doma:c5Cfk0Aw_SYXzIgvDO3QNumrD30E5o-Sd61n8bL4dTw="
"type": []
"proof": {
"created": "2021-06-16T17:15:05Z",
"proofPurpose": "assertionMethod",
"signature": "30GoSvC2GxiIP_3Sh9Jd0ebHsDjY5Myo7MXVEpg2nEGWIpcvcomuKjIBj5vebXArZUk4rb7r7yLQOOoaUvgnBw==",
"type": "libsodium2021",
"verificationMethod": "did:doma:z9WvHH7JyPek1SehusPElQRTMl8UfxvP9sANUlGZ57U="

Wed Jun 16 16:22:06:471171601 sweater@rethink ~
λ pass doma/maja.doma.dev
"slip": {
"ops": 4,
"mem": 40960,
"saltSize": 16,
"salt": "5A7ZuPZv8yrOdbU0CTZ0mQ=="


Feels great to have password and KDF slip stored in my password manager!

Sneak peek:


@raichoo I respect this!

BTW, my moderate take on that is here (spoiler: I almost entirely agree with you, bar relevance of law)


@wholesomedonut do you see this as the fingerprint of soviet.circumlunar.space too?


@raichoo so basically if Tor wasn't founded by the US government, its creation would lack moral compass?

What about the fact that slavery and genocide was regulated for the vast majority of the history of Western civilisation, does it make parcticioners of slavery and genocide ethical? 🤔

Holy shit, that , an obvious scam from the very beginning, is still going and boy is it going strong.

I thought that they're all in jail by now due to the attached analysis: ucg.cdn.doma.dev/SSRN-id319506

For those who prefer video format, here's a 2021 review by CoffeeZilla (via @pola): youtube.com/watch?v=-whuXHSL1P

It makes me sick.

@raichoo right, but he is very much so fighting windmills, doesn't he? I can attest in a court of law to the fact that IOHK is acting in good faith on all the fronts, despite me not being affiliated with them at all and them giving the company I founded a bad rep due to the way we have parted ways.


I don't think that your take is constructive at all. It's almost Stephen Deil level!

Also, the fact that majority use of a tech is illegal doesn't mean that the tech itself is "something that is already bad". See Tor for a reference.

Furthermore, your take is extremely authoritative! There are a lot of "something that is already bad" that was both regulated and institutionalised.

By no means am I a blockchain fan-boy, but I'm interested in automated payment processing within a domain for one of my projects and I consider a PoS cryptocurrency that supports oracles an adequate facilitator for that.


First — I would just start with a dimple zafu + zabudon setup with a low table (hint: you can likely have it made out of a woodblock at a local lumber mill, then coat it yourself or rent a workshop for a couple of evenings to clean & coat).

Second — I don't know if you're in the States, but in UK / EU proper things like you want are simply unattainable via Amazon. I got my zafu/zabudon from the US from some small business through Etsy!

@genofire @fribbledom it was intentional double negation used as emphasis of importance of defaulting to mosh.

Sorry for being confusing.

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Understory has a really very tasty looking website.


– "Grow your mind". "Own your data". "Link your ideas".

Looks like an experimental federated digital garden-y social platform thing, built on Solid. From the blurb, appears to aim at not needing coding to be on there.

@cloudfog I don't know of any, even more conservative ones left. For me it's still very sad for a number of reasons, not the last of which is the fact that people migrate to , which I dislike for being "not invented here" tech that I never got to run.

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