do we have something to playtest? I played like twice this year.

We could playtest my adventure called ?..

cc @Whidou

@jschauma I stopped forgetting this thanks to Sir Lewis Carroll! Check this out!

[drink me](flask.app)

Flask is round, the note attached is square!

@nick_tune thank you 💙 💛

I see a some presentation bugs straight after the release haha, but at least automated submission runner and scoring algorithms work well 🙈

The only thing that brings us together is you. When a crazy motherfucker has his finger on the trigger... And also Twitter.
We lost the whole litter. So why you bitter? Just a few escaping.
Yet we rose quicker and our blood runs thicker.
Our star shines brighter than a swastika.

And our candle still flickers.


Finally I learned where do these words that resonated with me so much on October the 7th were.


What I would really prefer to hold for , and this will be my editorial policy, is for us to never post things that aren't 100% written by humans.

@DavidM_yeg I'm sorry for a really shitty joke, but are you saying that it would be a bit more reasonable if they were proposing to nuke West Bank? 🤐 Sorry

@RealJournalism I find it quite hilarious how clueless Westerners are (both [fascist] Israel and [self-genocidal] Hamas supporters) when it comes to the actual geography.

Nuking a 130mi² area would be like saying "let's nuke Brooklyn".

QT social.doma.dev/web/statuses/1

Following up on this. In case you aren't familiar with the way CfAs work — please send outline of what you want to work on first and then, if we agree, commit time to do the actual writing.

Another thing that people asked about — **no matter what monetization strategy I will choose for this magazine, you retain author rights and copyright, giving only _non-exclusive_ right to publish your work in my magazine**.

If you want your content to be free, it will be free.

Dear all, I'm accepting articles for .

The topic of the first issue is "Fighting Pollution".

I welcome articles on any subject, concerning any field of human activity, however I'm starting this is first and foremost as a "functional and declarative counterpart of Linux Magazine".

Finally: while my inspiration is online-only , I am planning to figure out a sustainable production pipeline and sell premium print version. I'm not sure what sort of free distribution will there be.

I will share the profits fairly between contributors and will have completely open accounting.

💡 If you're interested in Proof Assistants, I do recommend reading these slides by P.-M. Pédrot concerning design choices in proof assistants, more specifically those based on Dependent Type Theory, More specifically Rocq/Coq. And not only for the punchline in the titles, but also because it explains knowledge that is often non-written.


Un vienu tūtiņu krievu valodā.

Ваш "черньій кофе" нам не нужен!

У нас есть свой, не хуже, из тех же времен.

Уходите к себе домой со своей культурой и со своим империализмом.


Nepopulārs viedoklis (no cilvēka, kurš raksta ar kļūdām).

joprojam nav pabeigta. Tas notiks tikai tad, kad tie un tie latvieši, kuri uzskata sevi par krieviem, vairs *patstāvīgi* nedzīvos mūsu valstī.

Es ceru, ka pēc krievijas sabrukuma, viņi paši izvēlēsies aizbraukt uz kaut kādu no Pleskavas nacionālo republiku.

Šis sabrukums ir iespējams tikai tad, ja mūsu tautai "visās pasaules malās" būs vēlme aizsargāt Latviju tā, kā katrs no mums prot. Bet kaut ko jādara katru dienu, un šodien palīdzēt Ukrainai uzvarēt karu ir visefektīvākais veids, kā to darīt.


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