✨ The “original intent” is not important ✨
✨ If you weren’t offended by the old branch name, the change wasn’t made for you. ✨
✨ Other people exist. ✨

Switch branches in your local checkout. You can figure it out.

@jkreeftmeijer my policy is: the tools should provide a better default.
I would like to have `git unmaster <branchname>` that would take care of everything, including force pushing to all the remotes. Until then, I just use the tools.

Even though I support the change, it's one that makes the world _a little bit better_, but doesn't actually solve any problems.

I'm glad that `git` is taking a step in the right direction with October release, but they should just change the default instead of annoying users into writing "master" in their git configs! :)

@jonn The tools should definitely switch to a better default.

That said, there’s no reason not to be ahead of the curve switching to the new name for any new projects, and asking your users to switch branches in their local checkouts isn’t a big deal either.

It’s certainly no reason for a backlash like we’ve seen after Rails switched last week. 🤷‍♂️

@jkreeftmeijer I agree, that's what I'm doing while I'm waiting for to make a transition safe and easy.

I'm not aware of any backlashes, but if someone went through all the troubles to rename, update CI, release packing scripts, and other things that might rely on the old naming of the branch, any backlash is just whining. But if shit broke, then a switch is just bad ops / sre (and thus, some backlash is justified).

But yeah, that's where I drew the line: use another branch name for the mainline branch for new projects (on Github, still don't know whether or not just pushing `main` will work on sr.ht).


@jkreeftmeijer also, loving the new userpic! Way more mastodon-esque :D

@jonn Haha, thanks! That old picture was the last photo ever professionally taken of me, but that’s five years and more than fifty pounds ago.

I figured I’d use one from my camera roll instead, and found this one where I tried on my nephew’s new glasses.

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