How do I complain to about @Google
limiting my right to use Internet by refusing to deliver E-Mail I send from my own E-Mail server (set up complying with all the standards of usage of E-Mail protocols) to my therapist?

It is absolutely clear that this malpractice is in place to maintain oligopoly of @Google
, @Microsoft
and @Apple
when it comes to E-Mail delivery.

Indeed, @gmail
E-Mail addresses are easily the biggest source of SPAM mail my company receives.

If they wanted to fix SPAM, they'd work out a [non-intrusive wink-wink] way to track similarities between outbound E-Mails and ban consumer mailboxes that send out E-Mails that are too similar.

By the way, I'm not joking, I want to follow through and I have a legal department, but before engaging lawyers, I would like to have an approximate plan, that's why I turn to / .

If you have experience in filing complaints to EU commission, hmu!

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