Saturday thread.

- Woke up too late to catch stage 3, stage 4. Watching stage 3, it's so beautiful and the mid-pack is full of exciting fighting.

Sunday power stage:

- So nice to see privateers, especially televised!
- I don't think there's any intrigue left as of yesterday, Ott just optmisies for maximum power stage points.
- Can't complain, the championship becomes interesting after a winter rally and it's fairly expected for the leader after Monte to not haul too much. Still, hauling that little must be annoying for Seb.
- Punting the last corner seems to be the theme of the event.

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Honestly, even without any intrigue about the winner, the points distribution and a huge gap in road order between Ogier and tops are the two things that keep us on the edge of our seats.

- Ogier's time still stands after Evans finishes, Breen and Neuvile contest by a fractions of a second on a significantly better road.

Craig tops Ogier, Thierry Neuville still "wheel to wheel" with both. Bits of i20s are flying every which way... What a zebra of a split times!

Rovanperra is contesting top times on this road.

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It was a zerbra after all, Thierry drops by 1 tenth to Craig, but it's all about the fight with the new flying Finn, who's 1.1s down, which probably means that Thierry is alright.

Tanak is the last to run, not going for a full haul, driving conservatively to not mess it up.

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Wait WHAT? Kalle recovered 1.1s in one split!

Even on the penultimate split. GO KALLE!

What a turn of events, Kalle is second in and leading .

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Tanak being behind Ogier all the way till the last split, just as Seb mentioned, it was his worst, which allowed Ott to catch up.

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