Rally Croatia thread.

Don't you just love it when they have the exact same time at the stage end?!

I think that Rally Croatia is a true test of skill, just like Rally Italy was last year.

I'm so happy that Neuville shows amazing performance, strategy and tactics.

I hope he wins, it'd be a huge achievement.

Also, what the fuck was that stage finish at Pechurkovo Brdo, couldn't they have moved it like 5 meters to the front? I bet it requires so much patience to not just yeet the car into a hill when the driver sees red of the finish, and it sure makes for a weird watching experience. But actually it's fun... Different!

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What a start for the Saturday.

Tire strategy on full tarmac rallies makes or breaks the stage times, just as Neuville was flying yesterday, Toyotas, yeeting all hard tires won the gamble big time.

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If not for the fuck-up with tire selection, Thierry Neuville would've been solidly in the lead. Alas, he is fighting +2.9 deficit to Evans.

Another 0.0 1-2 stage! Loving it!

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