If you have any ideas about some tech that people need *and* is ethically monetisable -- share your ideas.

Tech in elder care is notoriously lacking, especially with regards to vision impairment.

(Anecdotally, my grandmother has trouble cooking because she cannot decipher the controls of her stove due to her lowered vision)

So any program that can cast displays (digital or an analog-to-digital conversion) to a bigger screen for vision impaired people in a transparent manner is definitely needed.

And yes, you could hack together a Linux box with a camera or screen sharing, you name it, but it should be very easy to set up, as elder care typically isn't very tech proficient.

Not a bad solution, but can we do better without the specialised hardware? Ideally screens/computers you'll already find in your average elderly home.

@ScumbagDog in my grandmother I see mobility to be a problem too. If she had to operate an unknown device, it's likely she'd need to set up the screen near it. I guess a fullhd laptop could work?..

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