@groovestomp a lot of spins and half-spins, a puncture on stage one in Spain Weekly, but no DNFs :)

@groovestomp not sure it makes sense to put this on the spreadsheet, since a lot of it is wet / multistage.

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@jonn Yeah, I've been wondering about this too. I was diligently recording info hoping it might be useful to you; but I'm not even sure if it's useful to me to look back on it. I didn't record for last night.

Certainly there is *some* useful information there; but I don't think straight-up stage times are the way to go. I think noting things like spins, punctures, damage, resets, etc. is maybe more useful? Maybe per-sector km/h. Certainly per-sector is more useful than track-wide.

@groovestomp I think we can maybe record notes about tricky corners?.. it's all about helping each other to find a limit. the best idea would be to share and read telemetry but I have no clue how to do it or if it's even possible.

@groovestomp the sheet is really good for competition though!

@groovestomp but then a photo like the one I sent makes sense too. :)

@groovestomp oh wow. If works and easy to install, that could be really awesome.

@jonn Nothing is easy, right? 😄

I tried running the program, but I am doing something wrong. It appears to be getting *some* packets over UDP; but it never logs anything. I do have it set to only log CSV at the moment.


@groovestomp eh, whatever then. We can simply talk about corners I guess. I'm going to start the monthly now. Can you screenshot which one is it exactly so that I don't start a wrong one accidentally.

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