@jonn I started doing the monthly 4-event challenge that opens with Argentina then moves to Australia for the 2nd. Each event is 7-8 stages; so there's quite a bit of a commitment. I'm already up in the 300s now because I think players drop off aggressively the further in you get.

Argentina has some really tight, gnarly stages! Gotta watch for surprise rocks; and I never feel comfortable keeping the throttle down for a longer stretch of time. Getting more practice using the handbrake!

@groovestomp ooo, I'll hop on. Sounds like pure survival. We can prep for Australia a little bit together maybe? What cars?

@jonn I've got one course into Australia.
I've been using the Mitsubishi Lancer X I think...
And I recall seeing a Subaru in the leaderboard.

They let you repair every second stage I think; but I am thinking of ignoring that until I beat a full event. More survival! 😄
Repairing everything every second stage is also expensive; although money is basically meaningless in the game so far.

@groovestomp I had too little credits to repair the other day in weekly!

@jonn I've got over $2.2 million credits. How'd you run out?

@jonn I did, too! LOL 🤷‍♂️ I *think* I bought two, built maybe just one. 🙂

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