Yo @groovestomp, you can't imagine how close I was to getting wiped out on the stage 8!

I took softs and 0 spares because there was a service park before the last stage, and rammed the car into cliff after clipping something with the left side.

I wasn't sure if I had a slow puncture so had to go slow on S8, but jammed fast during the fast section.

I think your S8 also didn't go your way though, since I improved on your time on the last stage, I think.

@jonn Ha ha ha. Event 1 is a blur man. I just remember the last few stages being very trepidatious.

There was one part (maybe S8) where it looked like a clear straight and I opened up the throttle, then blammo! Smoked a rock somehow and spun the car wildly. I could almost swear the level designer put a sneaky rock there just to get me. 😅

I am wholly digging Event 2 so far; I *think* I've been pushing a higher average velocity and doing a *lot* less brake checking.

@groovestomp here's S3 Australia. If I were you, I'd take care while jumping. Do smaller jumps and keep the steering wheel straight while learning both on approach and landing.

Also after "3 onto narrow bridge", there's gonna be a callout where it's not clear if the co-driver says "square right turn cut" or "don't cut". It's don't cut!

Don't forget to get fresh softs before you start stage three and good luck!

@jonn I like to break at the crest of a jump to avoid getting air, generally. Sometimes it's fun to fly, though. 😁

I *think* I did this one last night. If not, I shall study!
I'll record my next couple... 🙂

@groovestomp I'll try to finish Aus after breakfast, get more stages and notes.

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