(On last boost) A thing I like about how stuff works here at the moment is that it's okay to have an actual conversation and not worry about the magic numbers and Internet points associated with it.

I'm hoping this will last... Though I will say (while making up numbers) that replies and conversation are worth 1000 likes.

A thing that made me grumpy about the Other Place was that replies were usually from people I didn't know telling me I was talking rubbish. To be fair, I often am talking rubbish, but so far here it's been constructive efforts at telling me I'm talking rubbish.

I have been on the Internet long enough to know it won't last but I'm going to enjoy it while it does :).

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@edwinb Edwin! You're talking rubbish! Kidding.

I think though that it may just as well last for those who self-host or use niche instances like types.pl. We don't get masses of content relayed to our instances, so even with the uptick in the registrations on mainstream services, I don't feel like the feeds or interactions got too fast.

Also, the Other Place is very much alive and well. And if what happened isn't enough for people to switch en masse, nothing is. Remember -- most people value convenience the most and there can be so many excuses to stay, that people *will* stay.

@jonn you're totally right of course. In that I am talking rubbish and that the other place isn't going away. Neither of these are problems though if this place becomes fun :).

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