@jon Reverse-chronological timeline is best for when you are Extremely Online, like me (and the other top percentage of all Rattata, er I mean, Twitter users)

@PavelASamsonov @jon Adn as someone who can't watch it constantly, it really bugs me.

Users should be able to pick their timeline. To sort it by who you interact with most and/or to boost up those who post infrequently over those who are constantly posting.

What *shouldn't* happen is *other* people's likes altering *your* feed. And the fights they're involved in getting into your feed. *That's* what makes Twitter toxic.


@nafnlaus @PavelASamsonov @jon@social.lot23.com this.

The OP mixes up satisfaction with engagement :)

I hope I'll live to see a day when engagement engineers will be brought to justice for knowingly creating destructive behaviour loops!

When I say "justice", I mean literal prison sentences for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook engineers and managers.

> The OP mixes up satisfaction with engagement :)

Sadly social.lot23.com seems to be gone so folks can't see the OP, unless they find the archived version:


But you are bang on Jon. You can get people to stay longer at your bar by spiking drinks with morphine, but that doesn't mean you're creating a better experience for them, especially in the long run.

@nafnlaus @PavelASamsonov

> I hope I'll live to see a day when engagement engineers will [get prison sentences] for knowingly creating destructive behaviour loops!

I don't think people ought to be criminalized for doing their job, and doing it well. People who create and fund socially destructive jobs OTOH, for sure.

@nafnlaus @PavelASamsonov

@strypey @nafnlaus @PavelASamsonov i mean, russian propagandists do amazing job, so did germans who were making gas chambers.

> so did germans who were making gas chambers

Godwin on your second post in the thread. That's got to be some kind of record 😂


@nafnlaus @PavelASamsonov

@strypey FTR, you were invoking Godwin's law by using "they're just obeying orders" excuse from Nurnberg, so I would say that it's a Godwin on *your* second post.

> using "they're just obeying orders" excuse from Nurnberg

That interpretation too is a Godwin.

What I was saying, was that if a civilian job is legal when the person is doing it, then retrospectively criminalizing it is unjust (and frankly, a bit Dark Knight Rises). Criminal accountability for the outputs of a heirarchy belong at the top of its decision-making pyramid. Proposing to criminalize workers for corporate policy is a failure of solidarity.

@strypey read up on gas chambers. Do you think they just appeared out of thin air or were some sort of military grade machine? Nope. They were develop by civilian medical doctors and engineered by civilian engineers[1]. Legally, of course.

So yeah, they absolutely should've been retroactively criminalised but wasn't. Probably because the allies were involved in the supply chain or because of the logic you apply.

[1]: referenceforbusiness.com/histo

@jonn Comparing people building software to people building gas chambers is obviously hyperbolic and ridiculous. It's a Godwin. However much you harp on about it, it remains a Godwin, ie not worth engaging with. We're done here.

@strypey you're very annoying! I even had to look up my response to your initial toot. It was: "russian propagandists are doing an amazing job, so did germans …". Then you proceeded to ridicule instead of holding an argument; when I responded to what you seemed to have wanted to discuss, you went for it again.

Alright, I'll ignore the tantrum part of your reply and keep playing ball, so my response is:

I don't agree, but surely comparing them to people who write texts is not.

@strypey oh no. However will I live without your half-witted labels for a whole week?!

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