@jon Reverse-chronological timeline is best for when you are Extremely Online, like me (and the other top percentage of all Rattata, er I mean, Twitter users)

@PavelASamsonov @jon Adn as someone who can't watch it constantly, it really bugs me.

Users should be able to pick their timeline. To sort it by who you interact with most and/or to boost up those who post infrequently over those who are constantly posting.

What *shouldn't* happen is *other* people's likes altering *your* feed. And the fights they're involved in getting into your feed. *That's* what makes Twitter toxic.


@nafnlaus @PavelASamsonov @jon@social.lot23.com this.

The OP mixes up satisfaction with engagement :)

I hope I'll live to see a day when engagement engineers will be brought to justice for knowingly creating destructive behaviour loops!

When I say "justice", I mean literal prison sentences for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook engineers and managers.

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