Most russians behave as if putin himself holds their children hostage and the moment you say the w- word, they block you on mastodon.

What a bunch of cowards.

@Jonn @івась тарасик Well, in fact Putin is holding their children hostage. If your children happen to be male and not ethnically Russian, they might get sent to the meatgrinder in Ukraine at any time.

I can understand why many Russians would rather not discuss the W-word in public, the FSB will probably read along.

Calling them cowards is too easy, sitting in a safe place where Putin can't reach. I think I'd be very careful too if I lived in Russia.

@hans @tivasyk putin can trivially reach people in any country. And he does. Read up on Tumso Abdurakhmanov, for example.

Believe me, for the stuff me and my friends are doing, *that* regime can send hit squads.

Your logic is the same as the logic of "Abwer has eyes everywhere" from times. It simply isn't true.

Also, some cells WITHIN russia that I just know of and worked with, work every day to increase the awareness of fellow countryfolk and help them do the morally (and pragmatically!) right thing.


Surprised to see a Dutch person having so much compassion towards those who willingly or unwillingly contribute to a fascist regime waging genocide.

@hans @tivasyk


My toot mostly meant to address russians in the west, but ok.

Also, lol, your arguments are exactly the reason why russians inside russia have to rise up.

@hans @tivasyk oh, I remembered one more incident. @easternborder recently got bombed by a russian hit squad in Latvia.

So yes, calling us jerks for calling russians cowards is too easy, sitting in a safe place where putin won't reach. I think I'd be more active if I lived in Netherlands. :D

@Jonn This kind of reaction makes me think it's your tone that causes them to block you ;-)

@hans you can tone-check my reaponse to one of them yourself. I wouldn't mind hearing your take.

As for the mild ad hominem in my toots, it wasn't meant as one. I've recently been to Netherlands and I've found that people didn't forget the Hunger Winter yet and that people aren't too tolerant to fascism, fascist collaboration or contributors.

@Jonn The tone in that screenshot is rather unfriendly, I can understand why someone would hit the "block" button. Without the context of the discussion leading up to this specific post, it's impossible for me to understand why he would feel the need to emphasize that you don't know him well enough to pass judgement.
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