Yeah, so... русня совсем охуела.
But moderators are absolutely on point.

I was thinking "where did I see this fucker"?.. Turns out that he contributed pretty good patches to FP Elixir libraries which are a pillar of our Elixir usage.

So annoying when people who looked cool turn out to be putin supporters (or russia supporters, which is the same thing in case someone wonders).

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The more I think about it, the more it doesn't add up.

I think his account may have been hacked, even though he *is* russian. Maybe he's sending a message out like this that he's in trouble and is forced to do some random things?..

It just doesn't add up. A person with IQ more than 30 can't do such idiotic stuff.

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I keep giving too much benefit of the doubt. This guy is a vatnik, confirmed.

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