has a pretty huge sale going on.

@jonn i mostly find modern games (the ones i can play on #linux ∧ the ones i care to try) boring compared to #cataclysmdda & #dwarffortress...

but i'd higly recommend «hard west» (the collerctor's edition is 3,49$)

and i might give a try to «mainframe defenders» (0,69$ right now).

p.s. filtered, sorted:

@tivasyk playing dwarf fortress feels a bit like doing BOTH of my day jobs at the same time: running a company *and* programming.

I recommend 2!

Re: ... I really prefer realism or pacifism in games :D I think I'd rather play for the first time.

But yeah, for me, I'm searching for some games that I can play on a laptop while chilling after an intense day.

@jonn sorry, i hate twitch-based arcades (that's what i call skill and reflex games) as much as they hate me =) some of them, more arcade'ish ones (trackmania, etc) i can tolerate, but elastomania just punishes me waaaay too hard =)

@jonn i'll second that thought of playing #jaggedalliance (the second one, please), haven't touched it since... maybe five or even seven years i think.

if you do, give #stracciatella a nudge (it's a modern cross-platform rewrite, must have imho):

however, «hard west» is a better ja2 in so many ways; so if shooting virtual baddies is not a strict taboo for you (and i just guess it's not, ja2?), give it a try. the story alone might surprise you, it's top notch.

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