Here is a list of people falling for the commie propaganda.

That's a lot of people.

So if someone can help to identify yogthos, my friends from would love to hear more about the achievements of in person!

Yo, @anna_lillith, I'm pretty sure that having flag is incompatible with following a and apologist. 🙈

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@jonn hi John I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Would you kindly care to clarify?

@anna_lillith USSR did very bad things to Ukrainians. That guy likes USSR very much. Ukrainians dislike USSR very much. You can't like both that guy and Ukraine, you have to pick one.

@jonn thank you for your message. I'm not going to judge somebody just by their birthplace and it is solely my devision whom I'm choosing to follow.

@anna_lillith I was also born in the under the occupation. Just click on his pinned message, he's an actual communist. If you want to support , we're fundraising 300 USD to repair a medevac car.


USD: IBAN/SWIFT UA493808050000000262025459354

Address: 28142, Ukraine, reg. Kirovohradska, district Kompaniivskyim village Harmanivka, st. Molodizhna, build. 1.


@jonn I can't actually see a pinned post... anyways I'm appreciating that you're raising funds for a medeavc car and your support for Ukraine in general.

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