@htothedip@fosstodon.org assuming you understood the person correctly, I suggest remembering who suggested that and never ever listen to them again.

Reason: scripts are *not portable at all*. is at least somewhat portable because most of computers have python in their system dependencies.

is fringe (as is) and a lot of the magic of is replicated with .

Anyhow... I find that the optimum portability for me is writing stuff in .

@jonn @htothedip portability is relative, it depends on your target platform(s). Zsh is guaranteed to be installed on macOS (as is bash, but an old version). Python is common, but it’s not guaranteed to be installed on e.g. the BSDs. Nor is zsh or bash, for that matter. In that case you’d probably want to stick to POSIX sh (or perhaps Perl).

Having said that I’m not sure I’d write a zsh script unless it was to use interactively from zsh. Python seems far more practical.


@benjamineskola agreed. Trying really hard not to plug my post, but I argue there that for practical definitions, 's portability hits the sweet spot if we use a subset of it (which is still broader than ).

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