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@EU_Commission VPNs are, technically, cloud services. Does it mean that EU is gonna help Russia make a Great Russian Firewall?

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@fef I wish I was gay, but I have to turn myself in. :((
I hope FBI won't do bad things to me :=

@EU_Commission you know you can U-boat the shit out of the Russian navy or something, right?

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N🚫 Tobacco Day.

Tobacco consumption is the leading cause of preventable cancer, with 27% of all cancers attributed to tobacco use.

With #EUCancerPlan, we want to create a Tobacco-Free Generation in which less than 5% of the population uses tobacco by 2040.


. @EU_Commission "we have one path to success and it is to confiscate Russian oligarch's property, pull H&M out of Russia and keep being deeply concerned about the situation in the Ukraine".

I remind my dear readers that MEPs voted for total embargo: oil and gas almost two months ago.

@KateMoss1 @EU_Commission yea, it's fucked up for everyone tbh. Idk, it's very analogous to WW2... UK was kinda impartial about the invasion of Poland and as a direct consequence, they ended up having food stamps here three years later.

@KateMoss1 @EU_Commission it's inevitable if Russia shall keep existing.

What's fucking annoying about EC is how little they acknowledge the actual struggle of Ukrainian people.

. @EU_Commission urgent action is needed to help Ukraine win the war. They're not just fighting for themselves, but for free Europe too, and you let them down. If you truly stand with Ukraine, you can't stand with Hungary. If you stand with Hungary, you stand with Russia. There are no grey areas anymore.

Listen to Renew Euorpe, listen to Kasparov, act, now!

@EU_Commission and yet you don't embargo Russian oil and gas. And yet you tolerate Hungarian autocracy. And yet you fail to support Ukraine with enough weapons.

Some bits about design is... Interesting.

`String.t() = binary()` is so bad. False sense of security. Could as well suggest people to annotate "Strings" in the documentaiton!

queries in

Gonna know that schema to make those queries, y'all.

> The first part, the match pattern, must be a tuple that will match the structure of the the data stored in the registry, which is {key, pid, value}. The atom :_ can be used to ignore a given value or tuple element, while the atom :"$1" can be used to temporarily assign part of pattern to a variable for a subsequent comparison. This can be combined like {:"$1", :_, :_}.

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VCs recommend cost cutting and layoffs? We're independent and 100% funded by our subscribers so we don't care what VCs say.

Earlier this year we hired Cenk to improve our infrastructure. Now we're looking for the fifth team member to help us improve the product.

@anderscs depending on what you're evaluating, but the answer is "not in general". Nix works in general.

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