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You're not a bad person for liking things that are proprietary. You are not immoral for enjoying things that were made behind closed doors. You are not less of a person for having the desire for XYZ product from a premium company, regardless of whether they contribute to open source or not.

You can already deploy to your server in dev mode and start registering users. If you do, share your server's PK with me so that I can add it to my server!

I'm very shy about the structure and understandability of my code, but now I'm workign with ruby codebase and I feel better.

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Libera is a week old, and we've come strong out the blocks. Thank you to our 20,000 users for your support, enthusiasm, and patience.

I've written a little about our first week and some of the projects we host here:


#irc #liberachat

Working hard on being privacy-preserving. API first, backend later.

Managed to write a count-based invite system full implementation with as a library takes 111 LoC.

Going to write tests tomorrow and start looking into integration with mastodon 🎉

Another milestone for !

Invite functionality is implemented, now it's basically .

Hot take: tonsky has such obnoxious website design because he doesn't want anyone to read his stuff using a web browser, but rather RSS or Mozilla's "read" feature.


Getting sleepy...

I wonder if I'll manage to implement limked lists for verifiable credentials as seen in , thus implementing everything needed for the quantity-bound invite protocol.

People who call quarantine hotels "concentration camps" are, as a rule of thumb, the reason why we need these hotels as societies in the first place.

BTW, quarantine hotels and vaccine passports are messed up practices I can't wait to go away.

I'm kind of behind the curve when it comes to OWASP for web, compared to authors, but it seems like my header-based MITM / replay prevention called Chappy does the same thing as the CSRF-mitigation.

I'm such a "not invented here" guy, holy shit.

Patch, demonstraing this functionality:

I can't wait to speed-run invite system imlpementation and start integrating it with !

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Another milestone in 's history: JS client verified its first credential!

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It appears Freenode performed a hostile takeover of our officially-registered IRC channel.

We have moved to @liberachat. If you use IRC, please join us there.

Dont @-me, I'm just following verifiable credentials spec, which kindly tells me to figure out how to attach proofs and what to cover with proofs myself, while imposing JSON schema on me.

Honestly, sometimes I'm apalled by JSON world. It's better than XML, but still doesn't address any of its issues. If we only had better editors for binary formats, we would have lived in a much better worlds. Now I really do understand why architects when I was in my early twenties were so eager to use protobufs...

Wait, JSON spec says that JSON is unordered. How come it is possilble to sign it then?

Is it just me, or from the standpoint of conventional cryptography shit like JWS doesn't make any sense?

T-Bone Burnett, who, amongst other things, starred in one of my favorite weird American sitcoms "The Larry Sanders Show", had some of his music uploaded to YouTube, including my favorite of his albums "the true false identity".

"Machines always do what you tell them to do, as long as you do what they say", 2006, mind you.

Thanks to @phryk I've learned that there's a FOSS version of that old Macromedia's animation software.

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