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Everything is perfect in this issue, including "An country name".

Ah, Java.

Holy shit, all the people who were whining about the obligatory vaccines, facemasks and shit should move to the UK.
They don't give a shit here. It's such a fucking disgrace.

@wholesomedonut hi, where can I read Circumlunar Transmissions? I saw how the sasuage is made on BBS, but not the sausage itself (ugh, that sounded wrong).

but with a sentence per line, not a paragraph per line.

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it's a DNS resolver that tries to be smart by checking if recursive resolving from root servers using DNSSEC is worked, if not use a defined resolver or the one provided by dhcp, and it regularly keep checking the availability of this.

It's quite useful on laptop when you switch from a network to another because sometimes the gateway can do weird things with your DNS requests so you would have to comply to the one provided by DHCP, but usually you don't want to.

Automatic word wrap by insertion a line break is evil. Took me 15 years to understand. If not for , I wouldn't.

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It’s time to ditch Chrome

As well as collecting your data, Chrome also gives Google a huge amount of control over how the web works

#google #chrome #privacy #security

to drop null: false constraint from a foreign key, spell out its type:

def change do
alter table(:dids) do
modify :key_id, :integer, null: true

Taka with his big bro. So heartwarming!

But what a heartbreak for Neuville.

A quick and dirty way to upgrade on :

sudo npx n latest

Went live with installing and replicating Serokell test task runner locally in a VM.

Tune in for lulz:

The history is being made by Taka Katsuta in Kenya. I hope he'll last today and tomorrow, Tanak is on a charge.
What a return to Africa for !

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straight up I am in love with water fountains. whenever I look at a public water fountain I go "this is literally a monument to a functioning civilization." when I look at a public water fountain I think about all of the technology, all of the water filtration and pipes and infrastructure that came together to provide Me drinkable water in a public space
some urban designer built Me a fountain to drink from because I might be thirsty. Literally the opposite of hostile architecture.

That time when we got judge's prize.

The laugter after they ask which language did we use is priceless.

Well, we have switched to Rust and if someone wants to join , please do.

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love sending quick patches to people with a single command:

git send-email HEAD^

large, complex git forge like github: not needed.

code review: reply to patch inline

apply patch: git am < email

automate with mutt 👍

I'll die on this hill

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Please, all Android developers, make a system that can fake the contact list, files and photos, location and phone ID and other information that apps usually require (but don't need).
Android only lets you disable those things, but that's not it - some apps don't work without consent.

All I could find was #xposed and #xprivacy, but it doesn't seem to be evolving much and it's definitely not for casual users. I'd love to have a system that pretended to be Android, but be based on #lineageos & #OpenGapps and include those xprivacy features by default.

To be honest, I'm completely fascinated that no one is working on this! So many developers and nobody cares about privacy?

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