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Today I came up with an alright angle-shoot, while being mildly frustrated about missing turn three without two drops, playing around Daze.

Turn four I quickly tapped four lands and played a three drop. Opponent Dazed, to which I said "ok, I pay one".

Just posting it here to not forget since angle-shooting is not something I do often and it was really light-hearted.

You would greatly help if you participated in this poll and shared it with your friends or colleagues who are sr. engineers or in management:

I know this demo is kinda trashy, but it's a good introduction into how a "registration" works with and .

If you have any feature requests for a next-gen federated authentication and authorisation system, hit me up or make an issue:

You can also contribute stuff like biometrics support via react-native (to eliminate the password) and more fun protocols! We also need replication via federation for high availability.

If anyone is excited about system that anyone can set up in under half an hour (as opposed to ) and that uses VC/DID by default, and doesn't use blockchain to store data, let's chat too!

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It is mind-blowing how Germany has both some of best person protection laws and some of craziest #predatory practices encouragement at the same time. Apparently now I will have to pay 1 year more for #Vodafone services I don't use because I have missed "autorenewal cancelling window" and that is a "standard german contract" >_<

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If you need a Teams (or other chat app) background for your next big conference call, I put this one together.
#mrrobot #theitcrowd #theoffice #robocop

Going live with the final push to finish DoAuth 0.3 release and interactive landing! No sound, no commentaries, but imagine me swearing at my computer to the sounds of Soviet heavy metal!.

Day job done for today, it means, it's time to write some code for . Tune in to my no comments stream. I reply in chat though.

Hopefully, a short stream where I make an inline HTML test runner for doauthor is live

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There is now an open letter to ask Apple to reverse backdoor plans.

Apple already gave the CCP full access in China. They care about profit, not privacy.

Why beg others to protect you? Just take your data back.

I have completely missed on `axios` being a thing. 17 bloody millions of downloads. I'm still not sure what it does, but it's impressive.

Also, `react` looks super-healthy. As an early adopter, it warms my heart. Let's go FRP!

@johnburnham hi! Hope you're doing well 🙇

Our marketing people said that you've declined to review Serokell via Clutch. I respect your decision, I'd just like to know why and what can we do moving forward for our customers to be happy to review their engagements.

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Released #Lagrange v1.6.2:

Slightly bigger patch this time:
* text input UX improvements
* fixed more input widget regressions
* improving UI drawing related to buffered visuals
* added `--tab-url`


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