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EXPLAINED: #Zelensky 10-Point Peace Plan

by Maryna Shashkova

1. Nuclear safety
2. Food security
3. Energy security
4. Release of prisoners
5. Restoration of territory
6. Cessation of hostilities and military withdrawal
7. Justice
8. Environmental safety
9. Prevention of future aggression
10. Confirmation of war’s end

It can then be used for “preventing the repetition of aggression against #Ukraine 🇺🇦 and any other state in the future, small or big.”

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Won cash because it was team draft, but I won the match in round 3 which mattered.

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Khrystyna and Svitlana were singing in the street in Zaporizhzhia an hour before a Russian missile strike on the city, and this video of them was filmed.

One of them died yesterday at the site of the strike. She was 19 years old. The other girl died in the ICU today. She was 21.

Deepest condolences to their families.

Russia must pay.
#Ukraine️ #Russia #Putin #EU #NATO #Zelensky #war #news #Moscow #USA #UK #Germany #Poland #France #Turkey

Opā. Topošā Siguldas Lidl vietā bija divas mājas.
Tādēļ kartes nekad nebūs pabeigtas, un varēs iesaistīties OpenStreetMap :)

I'm on a music forum where people seem to be debating whether politics in songs is allowed on the forum.

Their minds are going to be blown when they learn about Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Rage Against The Machine, and [continue for more than there is space here...]

Do I have players around?

I'm preparing for an LCQ tournament in the end of September and I want to learn the format with someone who's also competitive.

THIS JUST IN: Man who willfully deadnames his own child angry about users deadnaming website that still has the old URL

You can do ranged operations like `a random K between X and Y` or `repeat with i running from x to y` are enumerated kinds of value (in the Project Index's sense) and arithmetic kinds of value, i.e., numbers (but not real numbers, which are real arithmetic values), times... and specified kinds of value. You can totally do

a random weight from 100 lbs 0 oz to 200 lbs 15 oz


repeat with w running from 6 lbs 0 oz to 8 lbs 15 oz:

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So, I think I've gotten more or less to the bottom of one of #Inform7's secrets...

I've mentioned before that the kinds over which one can iterate with `repeat with x running through the Ks`:: enumerated kinds of value, external files, figure names, sound names, scenes, objects, truth states, use options, responses, verbs, table names, action names, or descriptions of values of those kinds.

Units, aka specified kinds of value, are arithmetic values.

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