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(I wrote this toot without touching a mouse, of course)

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PSA for crowd and disgruntled and users!

For several years already there is a stable version of VIM-in-firefox which doesn't require .

It's called and here's its page:

@jonn Tas laikam vairāk ciemos/pilsētās.

Atradu vienu ātru lielāku mājvārdu, lai gan nav tā labākā bilde. Labajā pusē, "Vēži".

@jonn I don't disagree, and I have put hundreds of open source repos into the world that don't matter to show for it. But we have limited time on this rock.

Energy put into a proprietary project is guaranteed to be of no long term value to society, but working on a FOSS project at least has a non-zero chance.

So, Apple, which bits of the DMA does Apple Intelligence violate? Because unless you can actually tell us - which case we clearly have a bit of a problem with some of the claims you've made about how it works - or you're talking bullshit, and just trying to get some leverage with the EU. Which is it Tim?

@jonn Tas nav joks? :)
Te isolated_dwelling:

addr:housename ir pārāk daudz, tie gan daļēji pārklājās arī ar isolated_dwelling.

While I do appreciate the fact that football hooligans are human trash, I don't quite understand what's the problem with the ten german bombers chant.

There were, indeed, ten german bombers in the air and after RAF from England indeed shot one down (with the help of Polish, Indian and French pilots) there indeed were nine german bombers in the air.

I've been looking a bit into Penrose ( It's so lovely!

If we want to get past the level of something like GraphViz (which I also like btw), we certainly need the exploration Penrose is providing.

In hindsight, the idea of adding a (malleable) type system on top of diagramming is the right one I think. And so is the idea of using a constraint solver for figuring out what the diagram should look like.

So much nice stuff stems from this. If you fix the domain, you can cook up other diagrams in the same style, or you can restyle several diagrams from the same domain.

Hi, @Phophos! I wonder if it's possible to buy some Tiny Library decks from you!

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