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Wrote a post about parser combinators together with @pola!


Give it a read and tell us what you think.

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Exciting Facebook service outage!

I hope it's something big:

1. To learn from
2. Because fuck !

@alan I must be honest, i discovered you from this toot and chuckled, after looking at your profile and noticing the fact you've made your own instance and named it in a very true British fashion i had to follow, so yeah keep being you xD


@jb55 more like a leap to becoming a spaghetti man... but whatever floats your boat xD

Having to do finite element analysis really makes me miss the first years of university where it was just solving maths and some physics on paper. So to those who are studying enjoy it guys whilst you can!

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How do I complain to about @Google
limiting my right to use Internet by refusing to deliver E-Mail I send from my own E-Mail server (set up complying with all the standards of usage of E-Mail protocols) to my therapist?

It is absolutely clear that this malpractice is in place to maintain oligopoly of @Google
, @Microsoft
and @Apple
when it comes to E-Mail delivery.

Indeed, @gmail
E-Mail addresses are easily the biggest source of SPAM mail my company receives.

If they wanted to fix SPAM, they'd work out a [non-intrusive wink-wink] way to track similarities between outbound E-Mails and ban consumer mailboxes that send out E-Mails that are too similar.

By the way, I'm not joking, I want to follow through and I have a legal department, but before engaging lawyers, I would like to have an approximate plan, that's why I turn to / .

If you have experience in filing complaints to EU commission, hmu!

@tudi20 Hello there, hope you have a good time here! Tell us more about you, as someone who recently joined myself i recommend getting on the :)

@thor The naming in Latvian is also the same, it's 'granātābols' which translated literally means grenade apple... defo cooler than pomegranate xD

I would like to announce I'm officially an adult, yes i now own a candle wick trimmer, have a good day people!

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