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Once you go NixOS, you cannot go back.

Every other way of maintaining a computer looks like something from the age of dinosaurs. Yesterday, a server of mine wouldn't boot, primarily because of my own mistakes. So I decided on a whim it should be good to finally convert it to NixOS and get it into the fold. That took less than one-hour, and it's now happily churning along.

I'm sure there's going to small problems which needs fixing down the road, but the general ability to just solve a lot of your configuration by writing a (declarative) program simplifies so much stuff.

"Boris, the Lord & the Russian Spy | Dispatches | Channel 4 #Documentary"

This is one of the most important documentaries you will ever watch.

On Boris Johnson, the #KGB Lord Lebedev of Siberia, Londongrad and how corruption in British politics threatens national, European, #NATO and international security.

#Russia #oligarchs #UK #Londongrad
#RussianWarCrimes #corruption #politicians #HouseOfLords #Putin #UkraineWar #MI6 #RussiaIsATerroristState
#intelligence #Brexit

Dismantle #WHO. It's harmful now.

Unless their next post was "'s why it shouldn't be". we're still kinda in a stealth mode, but there's no way it's gonna get seen by many people if I post it here, right?

**#Chandrayaan3 **is set to land on the #moon 🌖on August 23, 2023, around 18:04 Hrs. IST!

Watch the action LIVE at:
➡️ YouTube
➡️ Facebook

From 17:27 Hrs. IST on Aug 23, 2023.

A message from #isro

Mick is 80. Mitch is 81. It’s time we acknowledge the benefits of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Elon Musk's decision to remove the ability to block inappropriate user generated content is a clear violation of both Apple's and Google Play's Terms of Service.

For Android Users:

1. Go here
2. Click the two check boxes
3. Fill in your name
4. Type: ""
5. Select "Restricted Content"
6. Select "User Generated Content"
7. Select "While Using the App"
8. Select "After Signing In"
9. Select "Yes" and "Yes"
10. Select your location
11. Hit "Submit"

@jonn @textfiles that's a great book, I have it and love it. Very interesting. It smells wonderful too.

Oh wow. Kendall apgabals (county) ASV kļuvis par OpenStreetMap fonda biedru.

Tas ir apmēram kā Ādažu, Valmieras vai kāds cits novads iestātos OSMF.

Pie tam, viņu GIS departaments arī aktīvi darbojas OSM datu papildināšanā, uzlabojot ēku, adrešu un ceļu datus.

Ja Latvijā būtu tik progresīvas pašvaldības, mmm :)

sudo nmcli dev wifi connect 'SlavaUkraini' password 'rusnye_p-zda'

(Sometimes nm-applet can't connect to a network with the same MAC but a different ESSID (for example, when you change your phone name to something else), connecting via CLI helps).

Understanding every new bit of relativistic #physics and the #mathematics behind it always leaves me with a sense of immense awe and pride. How cool is the universe! And how cool are we to be able to figure it out!! 🤯😍

Periodic reminder that the full ISO files for the GET LAMP Documentary are available for free at Internet Archive:

Playing them in VLC gives you the full feature set, including subtitles, commentary, easter eggs, and so on.

Stunning how useful a GPS dot on a scanned paper map can be and how it beats both Google and OSM terrain information.

This is the topographical map you get with a Alpenverein Pro account. The real deal Alpenverein maps are locked one level deeper at twice the price behind Pro+. #alpenalper

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A /r/WCPGW moment.

TL;DR — as a student, a person was asked to read a book authored by their professor themselves. Years later she explained why she didn't like the book in form of a Goodreads review.

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