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Benefit of working in my own self-funded startup #68

We have timeout messages hardcoded in the system to 3 minutes.
I was too lazy to change the messages....

So I just changed the planet.

Ok Google, provide me a dictionary definition of "forcing a meme".

I have some gripes against DateTime.diff argument order, but my biggest, and it's not -specific is using word `filter` when one means `keep`.

In engineering, they say "filter" and specify *what particles it filters out*! Why do we speicfy which objects do we want to keep instead?!

Why not call it `keep`? :D

Why is it socially unacceptable to have certain set of meaningful activities one participates in with their dates / partners? For example, I love coworking dates or boardgame exchange dates. Gladly, most people I date understand that it's normal, but I have a strong setiment from many people which can be exemplified as follows:

— You do fun projects with all your dates! You're such a weirdo.


— You go to restaurants with all your dates! You're so normal.


Remember ?

I'm currently writing an OSE module that I plan to release some time this year. And sometimes I need new cool spells to make sure that a single "big-bad" can hold their ground against the party.

May I present you "dreamwoven image", the mirror image's big brother. Pair with 's Dream Vapours for some TPK action.

Getting out of slump by drafting everything except for white in .

I'm very happy that I've stumbled upon the idea of virtual card advantage before Alex and Sam have educated the masses about it.

Bombs don't matter, I was winning without bombs. The key is Vitu Ghazi Inspectors, a ton of self-mill from the leech, panthers, split card and even gorehound and edicts!
I only resolved Izani twice and didn't win both games 😄

Wasn't impressed with Hustle // Bustle in this deck at all, probably a Faerie would have been stronger. I think so even though I have attacked with Bustle for lethal once.

For the curious, here is a follow-up on the scammer who pretended to be from the Kdenlive team. (Email posted yesterday, I'm replying to it ↑).

Confirmed: it's a scam and their goal is to get the target to install malware.

Here's the whole discussion as screenshot, and it wasn't easy because I had to use an old inactive Gmail account 🤢. That's because Protonmail is banned from this impersonator's email address, (handled by

I won't dig any further.


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`tap` is one of my favorite functions. I implemented it myself in my functools, but then a colleague of mine told me that it's already in .



This was literally the 1st thing I said when Russians went running for the border to escape mobilization. Of course, Russia would flood West with spies & I'm sure many headed for the US border. I was shocked we didn't stop this but we never learn

I am delighted to see that _The Roottrees Are Dead_ working on a revamp into a paid Steam game. “Starting over from scratch;” new hand-drawn art, redesigned UI. This will absolutely be worth it as a paid indie puzzle game.

It's an absolute insanity to prototype code without types.

That includes . Using should be chapter 1 of any modern Elixir tutorial.

got weird. I went 1-3 1-3 0-3 1-3 the some days ago, but today and yesterday got two 4-3 finishes. In gold league... But I again get placed against platinum players now. I think I have a solid grasp on the format.

One of the key gameplay outtakes is that not being greedy with strong unmasking triggers and making sure you're being mana-efficient is very important.

For example, if you're the beatdown, there is no reason not to, say, crack a clue and play Concealed Weapon turn 4 instead of playing the Weapon and wasting 1 mana.

It's not OK when #Israel does genocide.
It's not OK when #Hamas does genocide.
It's not OK when #Russia does genocide.
It's really interesting that the "Genocide Joe" crowd frequently condemns one, but not the other two. A vote for Trump or staying home is a vote for genocide in #Ukraine.

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